Gameloft shows off Wild Blood, their Camelot set, Arthurian Epic Unreal 3 game for iPhone and iPad

Speaking of Epic Unreal 3 powered games, Gameloft has recently shared the first look Wild Blood, their God of War-style action adventure title coming soon to the iPhone and iPad. You're Lancelot, you've bedded Queen Guinevere, and you've driven King Arthur so mad with jealous rage he's partnered with his insane half-sister, Morgana, to reap bloody, demon-fueled vengeance on you -- and all of Albion with you. VentureBeat got an early preview:

As one of the knights of the fabled Round Table, Lancelot naturally comes with a bevy of weapons and special abilities. Though you’ll start out with just one giant sword, your arsenal increases as you earn experience points; in the demo (shown on an iPad 3), a leveled up Lancelot dual-wields a pair of magical axes and shoots enemies from afar with his bow.

Combat leans toward a simple combo system that feels very responsive and smooth as Lancelot dodges and rolles his way through a large group (around a dozen or so) of demons. In a matter of seconds, these creatures became nothing more than a fine bloody mist.

Hopefully that means Excalibur makes an appearance, and cuts the realm in quarters. I really enjoyed God of War, and I've really enjoyed the relentless pace Gameloft has set for mobile gaming in general, and iOS in specific.

Anyone else eagerly anticipating pulling this sword form the App Store stone just as soon as inhumanly possible?

Source: VentureBeat

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Gameloft shows off Wild Blood, their Camelot set, Arthurian Epic Unreal 3 game for iPhone and iPad


That trailer really looked great! It just proves that tablets are rapidly catching up with consoles and PCs for what they can do in gaming. Can't wait for launch day on this one!