Gameloft teasing Modern Combat 5 ahead of E3, looks pretty spectacular

Ahead of the start of the annual E3 show in Los Angeles, Gameloft has shown off the first teaser of the forthcoming Modern Combat 5. We don't see a lot, but what we do see is some pretty spectacular looking action taking place throughout the streets and canals of Venice, Italy.

Otherwise, it's another FPS in the Modern Combat series. The graphics look fantastic, the gameplay looks pretty good, but at this point in time details are pretty scarce. The trailer is titled the "E3 Trailer," so we can only imagine we'll see more of this one when the show opens next week. What we do know is that it will be coming to iPhone and iPad. Who's liking the look of this?

Source: Gameloft (YouTube)

Richard Devine

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93Aero says:

Big fan of the Modern Combat series, looking forward to this!
The scenery looks eerily similar to Ghost Recon Advanced Warfare.

93Aero says:

I sooo want this right now!