Games coming to Apple TV in iOS 4.3?

According to one of TUAW’s tipsters, there is every possibility that the Apple TV is heading towards online gaming with the iOS 4.3 update. When we say online gaming, we don’t mean the poor offerings of Game Center, this could go much further.

References found in the latest beta of iOS 4.3, refer to “ATVThunder” and indicate online games and merchandising will soon be available via iTunes and then to your Apple TV. Think Apple’s version of Xbox Live! The possibilities are endless and could include scheduling online games with friends, viewing leaderboards and much more.

The Apple TV is more than capable of running iOS games, it has the A4 CPU, that is also at the heart of the iPad; which is a very capable gaming device. The A4 chip also supports Open GL rendering.

TUAW’s tipster also found a couple of other interesting references within the iOS 4.3 beta, “Sedona” and “Flagstaff”. Sedona is the name given to Apple’s video rental service and could point to streaming of content from the new Apple datacenter. Flagstaff is still an unknown service at this point.

Of course this could all be in place for a future iOS update and may not form part of iOS 4.3 at all. We will have to wait and see, hopefully it will not be too much longer. What do you think; would you like to play games online on the Apple TV? Let us know in the comments!


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Reader comments

Games coming to Apple TV in iOS 4.3?


This would be cool, but how would you control your games? Would there be a seperate controller to buy? I would assume most (but not all) AppleTV owners have an iPhone/iPod Touch, but that can't be the only solution.
I'm also wondering if these would be seperate games made specifically for ATV, or could you just stream the iOS games you have in your iTunes library that you have installed on your iOS devices? If the latter, then I see no reason why you couldn't also run any of your non-game iOS apps on ATV... especially Hulu Plus!

they should allow you to use an ios device as a controller, but if theres only one person with one at home, it would bruitally affect gaming

Most kids don't care about price point. They care about content and graphics. So no, I don't think it'd be on every kids wishlist.

Uhm, there is no way the Apple TV in its current form can take on an Xbox 360. The performance of the A4 may be great for gamecenter games and videos, but jailbreak one and watch it struggle to handle even simple things like xmbc or boxee...The older Apple TV's with the built in hard drives actually had more powerful specs than the new one.

Xbox is ancient hardware, but I agree the apple tv still does not have the same muscle. However, the potential that Infinity Blade has shown and the Wii proved that game play is more important than graphics, the Apple tv has potential to hurt console sales.

doesn't need to be new. it's good enough and really has a lot of life left. It's not like 20 years ago when every game was blurry and the bump in graphics from old system to new was massive. plus xbox live is well liked aside from the fee to use it.

The Xbox may be old, but the Xbox 360 is not that ancient, and the Apple TV in its current form (not future, but current) does not have a viable controller, ram, storage, controller, or processor capable of that level of gaming. I'm not saying it cannot perform iPhone & iPad games just fine, but at this time, it's not real competition for the consoles.
Just the fact that the Apple TV does not have a viable controller and most televisions do not support touchscreen functions at the moment (expecting people to use iPhones & iPod Touches as the sole means to a controller is not how Apple would introduce a serious gaming platform) and that ALL the games currently available for iOS are touchscreen based presents a huge issue.

I'm assuming you'd have to buy a separate controller. Using an iPhone or iPad isn't ideal for gaming off the device and that "perfect" lil' controller will not cut it. :)

All I know is that iOS 5 better be a awesome because all of these upgrades that they are putting in the software is getting preference because Apple wants us to spend more money with them. But the major upgrades that we are needing that will make the iPhone a better daily phone are at yearly intervals and it's starting to suck. Notifications needs a major overhaul. The home screen and lock screen looks exactly the same as it did in 2007. This is becoming ridiculous.

How about they just get the Apple TV to work the way it is supposed to first? Way too many problems with downloading movies.

I've never had a problem. The other eleven people I know with AppleTV's have never complained of a problem. I'm thinking Apple can't fix you (since you seem to be your own problem).

Nice. Real nice.
Just go to the Apple TV support forum on the Apple site and read the countless pages of people reporting issues. Douche.

video game industry is about games. i you need a killer game if not three or four. What's their Halo, Call of Duty, and Gears of War to bring people to an apple tv?
what does Glee have to do with gaming?

I could see apple pulling off a streaming gaming service like the device that's already out there that renders all graphics in a cloud somewhere. Forgot what the name of the device is but I know it takes alot of bandwidth. (believe it was called micro console or something)