Games Workshop's Chainsaw Warrior to be reborn for iOS and Mac later this year

The 1987 solo board game, Chainsaw Warrior by Games Workshop, is set to be reborn later this year in digital form for iOS and Android, as well as in PC and Mac versions. The unusual game pitted one player against the clock instead of other players, and was set in a zombie infested New York City. Some background, from the developers Auroch Digital:

"The game saw New York balancing on the precipice of darkness as twisted forces from another reality attempted to rip the city from this world into theirs. Standing between them and the destruction of the city was a lone figure, the brutal and mysterious Chainsaw Warrior. As the eponymous hero, the player had to delve into a zombie infested New York tenement to locate the source of the evil spewing through the spatial rift and destroy it before he was destroyed. The game is being created by Bristol based indie developer Auroch Digital for mobile and desktop platforms."

True to the original, Chainsaw Warrior will remain firmly focused as a single player experience, which should actually translate really well into digital form. There's otherwise very little details to go on at this point, other than it should be with us by the end of the summer on iOS, and at a later date on Mac. I have to admit this one was before my time, but who out there remembers playing this? Looking forward to a digital version?

Source: Auroch Digital

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Games Workshop's Chainsaw Warrior to be reborn for iOS and Mac later this year

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I know I am pessimistic, but it is usually deserved with Games Workshop. Don't get me wrong, I almost always love their products, they just have poor pricing schemes. If this is 4.99, or even 6.99 I will get it, and not complain. However, if it is a 4.99 freemium game (again), I will be upset.

I don't mind paying for games up front. I also don't mind freemium games. But GW doesn't do freemium really, they do payevenmoreium. You start out at a fairly high price, and then pay more for very little extra. I don't mind buying in-app expansions and such that actually add a lot of content. I do mind paying for almost no new content.