Garmin launches Viago, a new navigation experience at an affordable price

Garmin Viago

Garmin is a household favorite when it comes to turn-by-turn navigation and has enjoyed continued success with its StreetPilot software, which goes for $30 (or more). Since we're in a more advanced world regarding smartphone technology and components, the company has unveiled Viago, a new app for both Android and iPhones that attempts to bridge the price gap between the premium tag and what consumers usually spend on app stores.

The apps themselves cost just $1 (until July 13 when prices will increase to $2) and come with worldwide maps licensing as well as lane assistance, realistic junction views, speed limits, weather and traffic reporting. Should users wish to take advantage of more functionality, the option is there with in-app purchases. Some of the extras are pretty cool – Real Directions provides directions based on landmarks rather than street names and Active Lane Guidance simplifies junction navigation.

Another change for Garmin is a cleaner interface, something we're sure many will welcome in this new app. While it's a step in the right direction for the navigation company, there's still some way to go since the optional extras can rack up to $20 to reach a level playing field with alternative services available for free.

Source: Engadget

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Reader comments

Garmin launches Viago, a new navigation experience at an affordable price


Downloaded it (at just a buck, why not?) and I'll check it out. Without having tried out the app yet, the only thing that looks like it may be of higher value than the multiple free offerings out there are the downloadable offline maps.

OK, played with it a little bit. The IAP's are a bit much considered what you get for free from Apple and Google. $10 for offline maps isn't too bad. Another $10 for knowing what lane to be in for my next turn and speed limit awareness is a bit much. Another $10 for live traffic (which Google and Apple does for free), unless their traffic service is leagues better is also a bit much.

Furthermore, when I ask where I'm at, it keeps thinking I'm somewhere in Germany (I'm in Kansas City), so that doesn't bode well.

Unless I was a heavy road warrior day in and day out, I have trouble seeing the value in this app. I'll use it to navigate home this afternoon and see how the experience is.

Wish apple would data source from garmin :( I can't even understand siri in the car, it's phonetics are just screwed up.

I gave up on GARMIN APPS for the iphone.. they cost too much and take up too much space on the phone. I have since switched to SYGIC which uses TOMTOM maps, TOMTOM TRAFFIC and is just great.. I also use WAZE sometimes when I want the crowd sourced traffic. TOMTOM does have a sort of crowd sourced traffic thing but more then one person needs to report the same issue for it to show on the map.

I live in the US but planning a trip to Europe soon, will I be able to download the Europe maps and access them offline?? I noticed it's 10 dollars for that and that's actually sounds good..

Exactly. I paid for the existing Garmin app years ago so I would have offline maps. Will that app still be updated?

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