Gartner Picks Up Crack Pipe, Says Apple Will Introduce Enterprise-class iPhones


Oh Gartner, what is it with you and your schizophrenic predictions about Apple's movements into the corporate world? One minute you're saying iPhone is not a serious business tool and has zero chance of gaining corporate adoption, then you do a flip-flop by predicting Apple will roll out some kind of enterprise-focussed iPhone thingy. What the hell? You're starting to worry me.

Let me clue you in on something that should help you along the way in understanding the fruity consumer company from Cupertino. Apple is purely focussed on the consumer market and not an enterprise play. Not now, not ever. The closest contraption Apple offers in its product line even remotely approaching enterprise-class is the Xserve, a blade server targeted at creative firms to simplify media storage and distribution.

Steve Jobs has no interest in suits carrying iPhones, other than his golfing buddies Eric Schmidt, Marc Benioff, and Larry Ellison.

Gartner, keep your unhinged analysis directed where it belongs...on Microsoft.


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Gartner Picks Up Crack Pipe, Says Apple Will Introduce Enterprise-class iPhones


In literal terms you're right. But the phrase "doing a 360" is sometimes used to describe a complete turnaround in opinion. Much like the phrase to come full circle.
Oh well, maybe I'll do a 360 and change that to 180. Or should that be, do a 180 by changing that to 360? To hell with it!