GDC 2014: The Deer God game shows what goes around comes around

One of the less conventional games we saw at GDC 2014 was The Deer God from Crescent Moon Games. In it you lead a poor life as a hunter, and as the laws of karma dictate, you're zapped into the body of a deer until you find a way to appease the dreaded and mysterious Deer God. The game is fairly bare-bones for now, so the gameplay itself is little more than exploratory platforming, but the graphics style is fantastic. It takes the harsh pixellation of Sword & Sworcery and adds conversely modern 3D models and foregrounds.

I gotta say, mating with a doe and respawning as its offsring is one of the most interesting save point mechanics I've seen, well, ever. Keep an eye out for The Deer God on iOS when it launches sometime at the end of the year. No word on pricing yet.

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Simon Sage

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GDC 2014: The Deer God game shows what goes around comes around