Third Gen iPod touch - More Power, More Storage, Still NO Camera(?!)


Apple just announced the new, third generation iPod touch during their It's only rock and roll, but we like it special music event. The big news?

Looks like the $199/$299/$399 price point for 8GB/32GB/64GB was spot on, and along with the OS 3.1 update, similar to what the iPhone is getting (including Genius Mixes, Voice Control, VoiceOver, etc.). [The 8GB looks to be last year's model priced to clear, like the iPhone 3G, while the new 32GB and 64GB devices get a] 50% speed boost (iPhone 3GS got a 100% boost, by the 2nd gen iPod touch was faster than the iPhone 3G to begin with), OpenGL ES 2.0 for better graphics,

Apple Store shows they ship in 1-3 days (3 days for the 64GB monster).

The biggest news, however, is the stunning lack of a camera -- something the new iPod nano received. It seemed like such a no-brainer addition, perhaps rumors of production problems forcing Apple to delay them were true? If so, delay them until when? Any time soon, and buyers of this version will be angry. Until next year, and everyone will be annoyed. What's it going to be, Apple?

Of course, with the Zune HD about to be released, the loss of a camera and lack of HD-out (or OLED) are competitive disadvantages. However, the new price points and massive lead in Apps likely even things out.

What say you?

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Third Gen iPod touch - More Power, More Storage, Still NO Camera(?!)


As I posted on the other thread: Only "The new 32GB and 64GB iPod touch models feature improved performance and support for OpenGL ES Version 2.0 and Voice Control", not the 8GB.

Zune HD for me then I guess... Wait, maybe I will get me one of them new fangled Palm Pixi or Pre's?

Apple lost a bunch of sales by not putting any camera on the touch. A lot of people I see on forums are all "grr I was so ready to buy it, but now I will hold off."

Words cannot describe how extremely disappointed I am with Apple. The very least they could have done is say the iTouch is getting a camera but that the units would not be available right away. I was specifically holding off on buying one until the camera-equipped one came out. Now I won't buy one at all. I guess right now Apple thinks a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, and it seems that unless you're willing to sign away your life to AT&T then you don't deserve a camera.

I will NOT be upgrading my current iPod touch. Which I was hoping to do if it included a camera. Big disappointment from Apple. Hopefully they include it next year or before that.

Maybe the only one thinking this but no cam is good I have a 3GS and dont like the idea of the touch been just as good LoL.....

Am I right in thinking that Shuffle got nothing except more color choices and a 2Gb version? That seems to be in the wrong direction, although 8Gb of music with no screen might not be that great.
Still - pisser.

I am so pissed! I was so hoping for a video cam! Hello if they can cram a video cam into the tiny nano then why not the multi functional itouch! And all those web rumors of cases with holes for camera. I am so annoyed, I was ready to run out and buy the new iPod touch. Now I am thinking I should hold out until Apple drops it's exclusivity agreement with AT&T. But who knows they could disappoint me again! I still love apple tho!

Bummer. I'd planned to buy my daughter the new Touch with a camera and get a Wi-Max plan through Clear, so that she could use it as a kid-version iPhone. She'd have been able to make calls over Wi-Max, if needed, but I wouldn't have had to pay for another AT&T wireless plan. Now, I have no interest in the upgrade. Just can't fathom why Apple would include so many new features on Nano, and overlook the Touch. Very disappointing.

I too was waiting until TODAY to but my iPod Touch with camera.
Lost another sale, Apple, how could you leave this un-addressed?

I was SO ready to buy this... and now this! no camera, but one for the nano? Seriously? and not only that, the 8GB version should have been 16 GB, its and running as fast as the old ipod touch. 32 and 64 sounds nice, but with the economy and all who wants to drop 300-400 dollars? I am definitely not buying.

either the production line issues are true, or they don't want to cannibalize iPhone sales any further.
i think the latter is true. i think apple wants to keep iPhone sales high, and the best way to do that is to differentiate the iPhone and iPod touch. Apple could have put a camera on the touch from the very beginning, but didn't. has anything really changed since then? why all of a sudden would apple do something they've been able to do for years, but haven't?

I'm glad there's not a camera on the new iPod Touch! Screw you all who wanted one on there, get a frickin' iPhone! There has to be some differentiation between these products for God's sake...

THEY WASTED THE VIDEO CAMERA ON THE NANO!!! LMFAO.... bad move apple.... I don't even know anyone with a nano...and ya why no still??? ur lucky u invented the iPhone...

  • the iPod touch is selling briskly to new customers
  • Sales of the iPod nano (previously the driver of iPod sales) had slowed

Makes sense that Apple would upgrade the nano as opposed to the touch

  • Touch will continue to sell this holiday season, especially with new pricing
  • Nano sales will get a boost
  • iPhone 3GS sales will remain high as it is differentiated by both the camera and the phone network

If/when iPhone exclusivity AT&T is ended, then we will see camera on the Touch

I was ready to go buy one w/camera. I would definitely have gone with the 64GB version, too. Won't do an iPhone - I have no coverage w/AT&T at my house, and I just signed a new contract last month anyway. Not interested in a Nano; I'll just hold onto my 16GB 1st gen Touch until I need a new one & then evaluate my options at that point. Yeah, add another one to the "pissed at no camera" count.

I'm kinda shocked that there was no camera on the touch, maybe they though it might confused people into thinking it was a 3GS, do they get off on disappointing people, is that how apple employees get their jollies

Looks like I'm the only one excited for this.
I've been waiting for the 64 gig and although it won't hold all my music, my favorite playlists will finally fit!!
Ever since useing the iPhone I cannot go back to the click wheel.

I was expecting to run into the store and buy one iPod touch with camera. Now, so disappointed.... waiting and holding the money

I can't believe some of what i'm hearing. Isn't having a phone, sms/mms, 3g radio, compass, gps...enough differentiation for you?
Just say it. Apple screwed the pooch on this one. No need to go to silly lengths to justify this.

All of you who say there glad for the touch not getting a camera, MAYBE, just MAYBE peopledon't want to pay for AT&T service? Think about that?

Another here who was planning to get the new iPod Touch right away with cam. Not anymore. Beside the upgraded storage, what's even the point of the 3rd Gen? Thanks for nothing Apple. AT&T is awful where I live so the iPhone isn't an option and I'm not downgrading to the nano.

I am just another customer who was ready to go out and buy a touch and now I won't because once again apple is crippling the touch in exchange for the holy iPhone. I am not really suprised apple screwed us over again. I am really sick of the company constantly screwing over it's customers. I will not be buying a touch because of this.

No Camera > Buggy Camera. Still disappointing, and I have friends that will wait to buy a Touch till it has one.
The lack-of-still-photos on the Nano is also puzzling ... but maybe it's limited to 640x480 and they feared people would complain about the tiny photos. I'd rather have small stills than NO stills!

  • iPhone economics are better for Apple than iPod touch
  • iPod nano has seen no refresh for a while; it makes sense to upgrade the nano at this point
  • iPod touch and iPhone continue to sell well
  • Once iPhone is free from the AT&T exclusivity, it will open up new markets for the iPhone. At that point, touch will likely get a camera

These are just my predictions.

really disappointed. i have a 1st gen touch and was all set to go buy a new one today. no camera means no point in replacing it. was expecting more...
i want a camera and gps!

I agree with what some have stated regarding iTouch vs. iPhone. People saying that there would be no difference don't know what they are on about. The iTouch would still be without a constant 3G connection, so you can't get internet/updates unless you are on a WiFi spot. Also the iPhone has a bevy of features even a camera equipped iTouch would have. All we wanted was a bleeping camera (like you can get on almost every cell phone these days) and they couldn't even do that. Why not just buy a cell phone that has an mp3 player and a camera? iPhone is too expensive, even if you're with AT&T.

Well count me in too, I was all set to buy the iPod touch with a camera. Oh well! Guess that's not happening today. On a wishful note, if the alleged production issues get resolved soon, maybe we'll see one in time for the holidays?

Train is probably right. Apple makes more money if they hold off on camera for touch because it will not drain either iPhone and Nano sales.
Maybe later on the touch will get a camera IF its sales need a boost.

I was ready to purchase a new iTouch with the highly anticipated camera addition but now im most likely going to hold off and look around for something different. Bad idea apple

Just like the rest of you, was going to buy the new touch if it had a camera (which I wholeheartedly though it would) but now I won't. Big mistake apple

To Luke, no, none of the touches have an FM tuner, yet another thing the dumb Nano gets and the touch doesn't

Well I have to say, I was disappointed when I heard the announcement, or lack of announcement, for a camera on the new iPod Touch. However, I am still very excited about getting my 64GB iPod Touch within the next week, and although it doesn't have a camera, I honestly can't see myself using a camera that much on an iPod.
Although it would be interesting to have a camera on the front, which would allow a much wider range of applications for iPhone OS, and even video conferencing over an internet connection.

This is the worst move Apple has ever made. The Ipod touch is their flagship Ipod and they no nearly nothing to it. I don't even think it has enough done to it to distinguish it from the 2nd generation.
I was starting to live apple, but this move set them back a lot in my books.

@ Gabe- That's kind of dumb. This is my first ipod ever, and I love the touch interface way more than the nano and its dumb "click wheel" (I hate those things), so I was hoping to get FM Radio. Whatever. Thanks for the info.

T-mobile mytouch 3G, here I come. All my dreams of using Skype with the new iPod Touch 3G, gone (to me, since I am always in WiFi range, that would have been an AT&T free iPhone).

So the 8GB doesn't get a performance increase? Even more reason NOT to upgrade. What a big disappointment. Guess I'll wait until gen 4.

No camera no sale. I don't understand Apple. With the economy the way it is, an iPod Touch with a camera is a smart buy not just an expensive toy.
I think they would have had a huge number of new customers like me who are attracted to a handheld wifi-pda/mp3/camera/game device at a great $200 price with no contracts. There is just no other pda out there that has the same number of applications available for download and is available for less than $300-$400.
The iPhone is just too expensive. I'm one of those people who opt for the free cell phone when renewing my service contract and won't pay for those expensive data plans.
I can't justify the expense without the camera.

@MS -- I had the same idea! If Skype had push notification of incoming calls, the Touch would be a great alternative to the iPhone for someone who doesn't require service outside of WiFi range. The camera was the missing feature that completed the Touch for those who opt out of the iPhone due to AT&T, but nonethless love the Touch device. Does Apple ever update its products before the yearly refresh cycle ends? Stated otherwise, is there reason for hope to see a Touch with camera before this time next year?

holy fucking shit im pissed at apple. ive waited at least 7months for this i might aswell have bought it then. fuck apple i want a touch
im sending a complaint to apple and sending them a link to this website to see all the customers they lost
apple hopefully if you get a touch with a camera by christmas id be happy, very happy :P

Okay, big disappointment. No camera, mic. Recalibration time. What if you buy a used iphone and don't sign up with AT&T would you still be able to use the internet, camera, mic, and all the features we all wanted with the new itouch (even voip, skype)? Just curious if that's a viable option to be able to get all the features in one place without AT&T contract?

Well, its a real shame about the camera. I was looking forward to buying one and using it instead of my phone's. I still need a new MP3 player, so I went ahead and ordered the new 32GB. No camera, but at least I can get the 5G (when it comes out, I always skip a generation, sometimes 2) which SHOULD have a camera.

Tiny tiny Nano with camera! Steve lost his mind with his new kiney or something. He wants to differciate iphone with ipod touch? Screw him. I will hold off till he give up. I bet he will. Let's see.

this is heck of disappointing... It's basically nothing new on 8G except the v3.1 SW. And the 32/64G claimed 50% performance boost and improved for gaming graphics...for what?? Com'n, those "tiny" games are there to kill time. No camera, no FM, no nothing! Who cares you drop 30 or 50 bucks for a nothing new ipod touch. This is simply stupid.

OH MY GOD!!! APPLE!!! WHYYYYYY!!!!!????? I was going to buy a new one with a camera, but now I will not even buy a iPhone! F*** you apple!!!

Well, I was going to purchase an iPod Touch in August for my birthday but waited until September for this big announcement. I was really disappointed that the iPod Touch didn't get a camera but it's just typical business tactics. I'm sure Apple is looking to increase their profits and by not giving the iPod Touch a camera, the iPhone will not lose sales. I'm sure Apple will eventually add a camera...but I wonder how long it is going to take. Oh well, at least there are some improved features. I'm going to purchase this, skip Generation 4, and purchase Generation 5 in 2011. Hopefully by then cameras will become standard on the the iPod Touch.

Wow what a disappointment .. no camera ... just when i was ready to upgrade now my hopes and dreams are gone. This is pretty stupid .. i don't see whats new about this touch except performance .. might as well call this iPod Touch 2 1/2 generation.

Wow....The rotten Apple has done it again. Are they f***** stupid???? A cam in the nano...? The nano is a f***** joke. Basically no change from 2nd to 3rd. Sometimes i cant understand how some companies stay in business.
Apple is all about giving the customers what Apple wants us to have not what the customer wants to have. Very bad business if u ask me. I'm gonna laugh when the 3rd gen ipod sales tank.
Apple get a f***** clue !!!! If they release touches with a camera around x-mas that would be even dumber. Shoulda just held off till they had cams in em. And a mic

Apple just made the biggest disappointment in their business. Everyone expected the iPod Touch 3G to have a camera, but no, the crappy iPod Nano 5G gets the camera. How difficult is it to install a camera on the iPod Touch? If they can do it for the Nano surely they can do it for the Touch. Those bastards just want you to buy the product and later in the year release the one with a camera and make you buy a new one. (Prediction) The Touch doesn't deserve to be bought and it's already gone down since the announcement..

I am not really all that disappointed like everyone else. This is what happens when you guys get your hopes up off of rumors, you get disappointed. And all you people who are gonna give apple this URL so they can see all the customers they lost, apple wont care if they lost 60 sales. Come on!

I disagree Steve. I think the disappointment from today's iPod Touch "update" is a reflection of a larger core set of people. Except for the bump to 64GB in memory, I see no reason why to buy this "update" to the Touch.
I refuse to pay the high costs (svc plan, data, etc) associated with the iPhone, not to mention AT&T's inferior customer service and shoddy service where I live. (Seattle)
Another bait by Apple to get you to buy model, and then they will ultimately add radio, and then in another XG model, finally add camera.
Boo to Apple today.

I have a big knob ! ....without a camera :) Its like everyone is the kid at christmas that didn't get the present he wanted :(. Looks like we all gotta wait a little longer. Lets all start new rumours, and get our hopes up for the next gen ipods. So we can all get disappointed again! I would love to see all y'all sad disappointed faces and video record it on the ipod nano.
The first macbook aluminum did not get Firewire at first, people complained, then it eventually did i.e macbook pro 13 inch. Maybe Apple listen to all y'all, or maybe they'll just laugh at your sad faces.

Why they did an event for that?, they did nothing on the Ipod touch! This is a HUGE Disappointment, HUGE! I think the zune HD its a better option for me, sadly

I've waited over a year for an iPod Touch, waited for Sept. 9th, and when it finally came, it became a total disappointment, had my heart set on a built-in camera. :/

i HAVE a camera, and it's a much better camera than anything they would have put on any ipod or iphone. i was waiting to get a touch until today for a few reasons: bigger capacity, microphone, improved guts. i got two of three things i wanted. i'm ready to soon as i see a few hands on reviews :)

Agreed apple u just lost another customer, was totally ready for oled, camera, built in fm transmitter, fm tuner, speed increase, and 64 gig capacity the only upgrade I see that counts is 64 gig not worth up grading I'll just stick with my 32 gig second gen and I was totally ready to shell out up to 800 bucks for it too
ps ... Fuck u AT&T

Just sold my old ipod touch 2g, then, to find out that there is no camera on 3g.
**** all thoes people who said it had camera...
Although there was a few acceptions where people just were going with the flow.
Some random youtube video about fake camera, chinese sources releasing photo's for cases.
They were all just rumours...
I can't believe i was fooled!!!

I am soooooo!!!! dissapointed with Apple not putting a camera on the ipod touch. I have the first generation ipod touch and ready to upgrade and also needs a digital camera. A new ipod touch with a camera would have perfect for me for my own birthday gift. I cannot understand why you have to invest resources on a nano that not a lot people have. Apple next time add a camera to the ipod touch--THANKS

i am really disapointed with apples decision to not put a camera on the new ipod touch they havent even made an effort to give the ipod touch a new look very annoyed apple have just lost another customer.

this is sooo ridiculous!!! im so pissed! apple doesnt care about their customers only the money.
no stills on the camera??wtf.
they dont deserve to call the ipod touch 3rd gen.

i don't see how the ipod 3rd gen is any different, they should of put a camera in and made the back of it a cool colour, there stupid, im getting an 8 gigabyte for Christmas but im not sure if i should bother anymore.

What grand and glorious new upgrade to the new ipod touch! NOT! I was so stoked of the idea of having a mic, camera, and video! That would have been perfect! Finding out the nano gets it is very sad. I think Apple lost a lot of money not deciding to put these features out for the 3rd generation. I don't even consider the ipod touch to even having an upgrade this year. I really hope that there was a technical difficulty with the "camera" and that they announce the NEW and REVISED ipod touch before Christmas comes around!

I am disapointed there's no camera! The nano got one but no stills and it can't even send the video over wifi - apple what were you thinking?
I am interested in a 64gb touch but what's the point of the voice control without built in mic? And no camera? I'll keep my money and look elsewhere!

Maytbe they will launch another series soon known as Ipod Touch 3g[S].
Which will be containing cameras...
This is just another gimmick to earn good $$ .

i was goin to buy the new ipod touch, but then apple. but nooooo we have to put a camera in the nano that no one buys. is not worth the money to buy it with too few changes. please put in a camera then ill buy it.

I find it very dissapointing that Apple did this. :( I currently have the 32GB 2G iPod touch and even though I had no idea a 3G was even coming out soon I would have gladly saved up for a 3G. Seems a waste to upgrade now :/ Guess ill just settle for what I've got XD
P.S. To those that say Iphones need to be different... I hope you enjoy paying a shitload every month lmfao. My friends got one and frankly besides constant Internet connection and gps I find it to be the same. Oh and the phone capability of course. I'll stick with verizon which gets better coverage in my area than AT&T gets... (lousy POS company)

I was waiting off to buy a Ipod touch since I started working around May this year. At that time there really wasn't many rumors about the camera so I just hoped it did. Then when I was searching online and I heard that "the ipod touch 3rd generation is rumored(from a reliable source" that it will have a camera," I got really excited. So yea I worked my ass off in the summer to save up for one planning on getting like a 16gb with a camera and possibly a microphone. Thanks for crushing the hard work and disappointing me. First of all I wanted the 16BG and they discontinued it and I wanted a camera and microphone. Sad to say cuz I hate Xbox Live atm, but I would love to see Apple Inc. Stock to crash while Microsoft's goes up so I am hereby starting a Ipod Touch 3rd Gen BOYCOT!!

No one has been stating what I think is pretty obvious... I have had a 1st gen touch since they came out. I love it so much. I didn't feel like the 2nd gen warranted an upgrade and I still don't with the 3rd generation. I was planning to buy one with a camera and a mic; you know why? BECAUSE IPOD TOUCH USERS CAN'T USE ALL THE APPS! Seriously, there are apps I want that require a microphone/camera.
Even worse... now Apple is going to be running into speed issues soon. The new apps coming out require a faster processor. People like me, who still have the 1st generation, will soon be forced to either upgrade to something that is just 'faster' or give up on Apple. I was so looking forward to upgrading. However, even if my 1st generation can't handle the newest apps... I refuse to spend 300+ bucks on an upgrade that lacks important features.

Firstly I must say that this has been an interesting read. Thanks to everyone for their comments. There's been some enlightening stuff here.
I've got a 1st gen 16gb and after seeing some ads on tv thought I've not looked at iPod updates well since I bought mine 2 years ago.
Initially I was annoyed that 2 years on for £60 more than what I paid there's a new iPod out with more space (always a pain that). However on looking into it more and seeing what the differences are I don't feel the changes warrant an upgrade on my part. Yes there's more space and the mic and bluetooth options etc. but those are things that I can live without. After reading and seeing how everyone feels about this latest release I think that my iPod Touch does all that I need it to do. Maybe in a few years when they've developed the Touch more and mine is giving up the goose I'll look into upgrading. Also by then maybe they'll have reconsidered pricing for such things. Technology is always improving and yet reducing in price so we can all hope that the same will become of Apples products. As always only time and patience will tell.

Yep, I also was going to buy a 64gb ipod touch with much hoped for camera, as was one of my children. And we also hoped for gps and mic, but I'm afraid we're holding on to our cash for a little longer. Come on Apple - Why couldn't you just announce the new 64 touch with the new features you hoped to add and then tell us that there is a slight delay because of manufacturing problems instead of putting the 64 out there prematurely? I do hope that you will sort this out before Christmas. If you do, I think you will be surprised just how many people are ready to part with hard earned cash for the leap in technology. I hope that the lower volume of sales of 64gb touches show you that us Apple fans are truly disappointed. My daughter bought a Nano last August, which she now feels is out of date, so she is disappointed too! Surely it was time for the Touch to get its camera and upgrades and not the Nano? Ah well, I guess I'd better learn to have some patience. Just wish I knew how long I had to wait for!

I simply canNOT believe it. And will NOT buy it. As a loyal VZW Customer it's the closest I can get to the iPhone - right now. I also don't get the logic of how a cam fits on the Nano but not on the iPT.? (Read Jobs' response) He also says that people see it as a gaming device. And what, having a cam makes it NOT a gaming device??? REALLY? Bottom line, give it the same cam (still + vid) as the 3GS and I'm a buyer of the 64GB flavor. I was going to get a Flip about 5 mos. ago, but held out for the iPT3 with a cam! (Disruptive!) So SO bad...

There now are rumors that verizon will be coming out w/an iPhone. Personally I'll be buying that if it comes out. I have the software update & love it. I recommend that people should at least get the update.

I don't know why a Nano owner would want a video camera and ONLY a video camera on that tiny thing. I'd have to say that a much greater number of people would want an iTouch with a camera than a Nano with a semi-camera. Looks like I'll be holding off an iTouch purchase for a few years!

Apple knows exactly what its doing they are not stupid at all, they try to sell the Ipod nano with cams and then they update it to something better and they move on to the Itouch I am disappointed at apple I really wanted the cam feature but oh well what ever then maybe some other time lol

I just got a iPod touch 32mb 3G, & its the coolest thing ever. I have a camera on my phone, so I dont need one on this. I had a 6g 80gb Ipod Classic, & I hated that thing. It seems like I havent put the touch down for more than twenty minutes since I bought it, its that much fun. I spend a lot of time at the apps store downloading free stuff. This thing is a blast to navigate through as opposed to the Classic, but Hey1 to each his/her own source of fun.

I almost forgot. One of the most fun things about my 3g 32mb iPod touch is the wifi feature. I can be pretty much anywhere in my area, & be on the internet. Thats cool. Coulden`t do that on my Classic. This is a great toy, & remember- "He who dies with the most toys----is still dead :O)"

I'm mad at apple!!!!!!!!! They should send us all 3g with camera and all that stuff!! I hope that they will fix this problem by Christmas

You know what just fuck apple I hat it when they always mess with there customers. It's business fuck that a camera could have really been useful and I was seriously anticapting it. So you know what I am just getting the Zune HD or just the DSI which actually has a camera.

who frickin cares i'm still buying one even tho it doesnt have a frickin cam go buy a digital cam the cam on the nano isn't that good anyway so shut up

wha. my ipod is 5 years old, battery only lasting 1.5 hours. no camera??? damnit ..... still have to wait ... or i surf over to zune hd website have a look ....

ummm u guys.... it is still really awesome even if there is no camera..... that wheel thing is way worse than a touche.... it is fun touching it and saying what you want it to do.... just get it anyways it is fun to play with and everything.... who cares about a silly littel camera .... just buy a seperate camera ... it is waaaayy better than having one on the touch

Guys. Dont wait for the 4th gen. Thats coming out in 4 YEARS. You wanna wait that long for a camera? By the time it comes out, you will want another ipod. I have the 64GB and you CAN get an upgrade for all of them for a camera when it comes out. Dur dur!! READ THE MANUAL. SO BUY IT. DUR DUR DUMMIES

Touch will never have a gps, the gps apple uses needs 3g service, i don't think it differentiation that is the problem. i think it is the sales boost thing. apple did the same thing with the first iphone, only including MMS and no vid camera, sales were still enormous, when the did add the vid camera it was a must buy, for every1. But in the end that's just business, however i do find it hilarious that Apple claims to be the cool laid back company as portrayed by Justin Long, all the suckers Apple fooled into believing that. HAHAHAHA, they are the same as everyone else. and no im not a Apple hater, one thing i give credit to Apple is their brilliant OS, other than that Apple is the same greedy company that every1 else is

the ipod an the iphone are the best there lit bra really thy jst poppin.. thy th stff..boon yah

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I got the iPod touch 3rd gen 32 gig. But 3 days later the 4g came out but my dad didn't let me return it, it's been a year since then. It's now available in White. My 3G just started freezing. But when the 3rd gen came out, I told my dad to get it. But instead he got the iPod classic 120 gig. I was happy with it until I realised the touch had way more features than I expected like safari apps etc. In 2010 I finally got but then the 4g came out :'(

i was pretty disapointed that theres no camera but i already have a cell ad a digital so im getting it anyway.......