What Will Apple's Next Generation iPhone 2,1 be Called?


I was hoping Apple's third generation iPhone -- widely expected to be announced at WWDC 2009 -- would have a huge screen and lend itself perfectly to the name iPhone HD. After all, Apple has been promoting HD a lot lately with their iTunes offerings.

Absent that huge screen, however, the last Phone different podcast had Dieter and I wondering what else Apple could have up their black, turtle-necked sleeves when it comes to branding?

  • iPhone 4G would require 4G LTE wireless networks, which haven't even begun to be rolled out yet, so last year's scheme is out.
  • iPhone 3.5/3.9G is likewise a non-starter. HSPA+ radio or not, that's just too inelegant for Apple,
  • iPhone 32GB is what the telco leaks have been splashing all over the internet. This too seems unlikely, as it paints Apple into every bit as much of a techno-corner as the radio-based names.
  • iPhone Pro fits with Mac Pro and MacBook Pro (and even Final Cut Pro), but Dieter points out that beyond my little Apple-verse, that terms is already used and abused by Palm Treo Pro, HTC Touch Pro, and a variety of other stylus-wielding Windows Phones. That alone might sour Apple.
  • iPhone, sans descriptor is always a possibility. After all, it's not iMac X, Y, or Z, it's just iMac. Whether internal documents say iPhone 2,1 or iPhone 3rd Generation, Apple could be ballsy enough at this point to just stick with the unadorned moniker.

What do you think, one of the above or something else entirely? Come WWDC, when Schiller or Joz or whomever whips out that new iPhone, what are they going to call it?

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Rene Ritchie

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What Will Apple's Next Generation iPhone 2,1 be Called?


I think it will just be call iphone 3G 2nd gen. Look at the ipod touch. Its name didn't really change when the 2nd generation was released.

Another possibility could be iPhone AV ..with the improved camera, the ability to record video and (who knows?) its front camera for video chat.. it'd be a no-brainer XD

I'm sticking with my guess I've had for some time now... iPhone 3G Pro. I think it makes sense as it will have a few nice tweaks over the current gen, but not really a groundbreaking phone until we have 4G. Hopefully by next year Apple can go with the name iPhone 4G.

Stockholm, Sweden, got the worlds first 4G-network up and running but thats one transmitter only and still fine-tuning it. Still, we got a network ;)

I think it will stay with iPhone 3G, but maybe add one or two letters to decipher the difference between the 2nd gen and the new 3rd gen. Something like-U (for updated) or -E (for enhanced) or -V (for video) so something that looks like this: iPhone 3G-U, iPhone 3G-E, iPhone 3G-V OR iPhone 3GU, iPhone 3GE, iPhone 3GV. I really have no idea... none! haha. I dont care what they call it, as long as it comes out and i have it shortly after it hits the shelves. :)

Just iPhone 3G, the previous one will be discontinued. It's like the iPod Touch, we call it 2G but in fact it's just 'iPod Touch'.

It wouldnt surprise me if they called it the iPhone 3G again, with the obvious emphasis on a hardware "refresh" rather than a significant upgrade. This would allow them to introduce properly an iPhone 4G or something similar with the advent of LTE networks in 2010.

Lol, yeah, I wouldn't be surprised if they called it the iphone 3G again as well. Though I am quite fond of the "iPhone Pro".

They should just call it " the Iphone that finally got MMS, video record, copy/paste, and picture flash after everyone else 3G " I love apple but sometimes I feel apple is more focused on the iPod part rather than the phone features of the "IPHONE"

I agree with Spidesol... give me a iphone less the ipod(and the bulk of the cost involved) and it would rock... id never use the ipod features on an iphone, and thus waste of money for me... bring out that fabled $99 iphone thats JUST a phone and web browser, gps, video record , sms etc, and it would be great... one focused on business.

This is Apple, after all. I bet they keep it simple and roll with "iPhone." I was surprised that they went with "iPhone 3G" for the second-gen model. They will keep it simple to avoid alienating users who don't have the latest model.
If they didn't go that route, they'd end up with awkward names like Blackberry (Pearl 8130, for example.) That's not Apple's style.
@iShirk - Hilarious!

Something tells me that it will be awhile before you see a 4G cellphone. I know that all the telcos are going to LTE, but just because they have the network doesn't mean a cellphone is going to be out right when the network is launched. Track history shows that when an updated network launches its usually for data cards. I would imagine that we will have a 3.5G phone sometime next year and that the iPhone will stay iPhone 3G until a network change.

I'm thinking it'll just be iPhone 3.0. Especially if the other news story about the icons is true, the physical difference will be minimal so the name probably won't change much either.

iPhone Home Edition
iPhone Small Business Edition
iPhone Black
iPhone Gold
iPhone HD sounds reasonable, though.

I think they will keep it simple since this isn't a major update. So I think they will just call it the iPhone.
Now when the forth gen iPhone comes out. It should be a major update so iPhone HD or iPhone Pro should be great names

Sweden does have transmitters for 4g in the main cities true. Calling it the worlds first is however simply not accurate. Japan has had 4G for a while now. We are just slow over here ;) . The americans have it much worse..but still slow in comparison to the japanese :)

I think this years iPhone will simply be an upgraded 3g. A stepping stone for next years release when peoples contracts are up for renewal. Looking at it this way I think 3g pro isn't there yet. iPhone 3.1 sounds more like apple with the pro next year.

I don't think they'll call it the 3G again because it wouldn't be enough of a difference to start a new hype around a "new" product. With the iPhone 3G, people always asked "is that the iPhone or the iPhone 3G?!?" there has to be some type of difference.
Maybe iPhone 3 or just iPhone? Who knows.

I'm thinking it'll stay with iPhone 3g (accurate on both counts now) or they'll just go with iPhone.
I think it needed the 3G mentioned in the name when they released the second gen iPhone. Alot of people, myself included, weren't willing to go back to a non 3g phone, and gave the first iPhone a miss because of that. The 3G in the name let everyone know, including those people who might not have been following its development. But now... everyone knows about the IPhone! so i think it'll just be called iPhone. with the qualifier being size just like the iPod.

TeliaSonera and Ericsson have just set up the world's first commercial 4G/LTE site in Stockholm, Sweden.
Huawei is setting one up in Oslo, also for TeliaSonera.
This has been referred to as the two first commercial 4G/LET contracts in the world. TeliaSonera signed the two contracts more or less simultaneously, and will use the installations to benchmark the two suppliers.

iPhone with less iPod? Go away! That's what makes the iPhone so appealing to the general public - music integration! Remove or take away from that and you literally have no differentiation between the iPhone and all of the other smartphones and PDAs on the market. Nobody does music like the iPod and nobody integrates it more intuitively in a phone than Apple does with the iPhone.
How about we leave the iPod portion alone and work on strengthening the phone aspect of the iPhone? In other words, let's leave well enough alone and continue to improve the device.

They will call it "new iPhone".
@ HBSteve
why is the ipod feature a waste of money? it doesn't cost you anything.

I think itd gonna be the iphone video.
Video is now the greatest newvfeature last year it was 3G support so they called it the iphone 3G

If they make all these upgrades to speed up performace with maybe 802.11n wifi and more ram, why not call it something like iPhone turbo? Just a thought.

Umm I think there gonna stick with iPhone 3G I honas don't think there planning on changing the name at all, if anything iPhone 4G. Why, because they've never used anything like those names in a handheld devices before. Lots of people don't even know what 3G means why would they wonna complicate it even more?

You do realize that there is practically NO hardware in the iPhone dedicated solely to the iPod functionality and that it's basically just a software feature right?
You could argue that Apple needs to pay more attention to the business side of the iPhone's software but it has nothing to do with the hardware...

iPhone X
iPhone: The Clone Wars
iPhone 3G2
iPhone Video
iPhone Air
iPhone Pro
iPhone 3.0
iPhone Pre
iPhone AV
iPhone HD (if it has HD screen)
iPhone 3G
iPhone Almost-4G
iPhone Cool
iPhone Awesome

My guess is iPhone 09. I have heard this name on various blogs and podcasts and sounds reasonable to me. It has a good ring to its name.

iPhone lll seems to be the wiser answer on here so far.
But considering they will be coming out with different models it's a bit unsure right now.
iPhone Lite sounds to be one.
iPhone Air was said already
iPhone Pro was a great assumption

They could just call it iphone 3G becuase all the G stands for is generation, and it would still live up to it since its the 3rd generation of iphone

I always thought the fact that they put 3G behind the iPhone showed how slow they were compared to other phone makers. It's like saying they should call the next iPhone: iPhone MMS.
I think they should just keep to iPhone. And they should admit they dumbness and renamed the iPhone 3G back to just iPhone. Now we can go back to calling the iPhones 1G (1st gen), 2G, 3G etc.

iPhone 3G v2 (version 2) makes most sense.
I don't like iPhone Pro (makes me think it should have a hard keyboard).
iPhone HD, not bad. Kind of copying the
Omnia HD though.
iPhone Video.,,hmmm, if it has video chat and video recording.
But, definately shouldn't be iPhone 4G, or just iPhone or iPhone 3G again. Too confusing for most to figure out what phones what for those who are unaware of the Hardware differences.

The next iPhone name will definately be called: iPhone 3.0
Because of the operating system software version update, and the model

MacPhone is one possibility, after all it is much like the Mac, it runs Mac OS X and I am a software developer for the iPhone and software is written also most the same way as the Mac it's self, so since Microsoft is pushing Windows Mobile, will Apple push MacPhone or MacMobile ?