Get fuzzy with iMore and the Movember iPhone app

November is here, and that means dudes the world over are growing out mustaches in the name of men's health. Movember participants raise funds for prostate cancer and mental health by growing out the manliest of facial hair growths, and the Mobile Nations crew are going all-out with it. Want to get involved? First, shave your face. Second, download the Movember app for iPhone. It lets users keep track of their pledges, post updates on their mustache's progress, and pester friends on various social networks for donations. There's even a cool Mo Stuff section with a bit of history of the charity, solid guidelines for men's health, and a few different styles that you might want to aim for. 

Movember is a great cause, and let's face it - lots of fun. So, who's in? 

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Get fuzzy with iMore and the Movember iPhone app