Get pumped for Infinity Blade III for iOS with these awesome trailers!

Announced at the iPhone event last week in Cupertino, Infinity Blade III is the game many of us have been waiting to see. It looks staggeringly beautiful, and if previous efforts from the folks at Chair are anything to go by, it's going to be one we're all going to want to play. The good news is, it lands in the App Store this week, on Wednesday September 18 – or iOS 7 day as it's known in these parts.

Wednesday is going to be a busy day, but the kind of busy day we'd take every day of the week. Enjoy the launch trailer above, and a cinematic effort below. Who's buying this one, then?

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Get pumped for Infinity Blade III for iOS with these awesome trailers!


I will definitely buy IB3 on day 1. Right now I'm playing IB2 and I was really surprised by how much depth the game has. It's like a core game for a touch screen.

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I will love to see the difference in graphics and performance on the 5 vs 5s. That will surely ale me think of its worth upgrading.

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Meh. These games from the very beginning are about eye candy. The constant swipe, swipe, swipe gets extremely old after a few battles.

Can't wait until I get my 5s on friday to play this. I have already beaten Infinity Blade 2 and I'm ready to see what the upgrade in graphics is all about. Killer game

Infinity Blade is a demo of a game, not a game in itself, and that should be clear from the start. There is no depth at all, no story line, no freedom to explore anything or to interact. It is a showcase of the graphics capabilities of Apple devices and that is fine, but to call it a "game" is reaching a little bit.

That's what I felt. But because of limitations of the devices (as you know) they couldn't put anything special. The first 2 games are all about the combat, with the books there to help explain Siris's and Isa's motives. But IB3 is different. If you have good observation skills, you find that the trailer is mostly made up of cutscenes, meaning there is going to be a legit storyline. There are also more locations (but probably not as large) with a grand total of 8-9 "towers" I believe. But the biggest changes are 1. A dragon (the largest boss you will see. He doesn't seem very special)2. Isa (more fighting styles)3. More enemy types (you get to fight the freaking Worker of Secrets too)4. Even BETTER graphics, if you have a keen eye to spot them. I do agree that IB1 and 2 seemed like prototypes, but now I bet my life that IB3 will actually be Epic's first, full-fledged, bad-ass, climatic, game they ever made. Just because there is no freedom does not mean it can't be a game.

I still have to finish IB2!
I'd like to put it only phone but ah just dohna haf enuff rrr-oom on mah dev-ice... Ahgk!

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