Get ready for 15 second selfies! Instagram adds front-facing camera support for Cinema, landscape support for everything

Get ready for 15 second selfies! Instagram adds front-facing camera, landscape support

Instagram has updated to version 4.0., and while the point might be minor, the new features certainly aren't: landscape support for both photos and video, and -- duck and cover -- front-facing camera support for Cinema. That's right, the internet can now record 15 second selfies.

Since Instagram uses a square cropped format, portrait vs. landscape is more of a comfort issue than a composition issue, far as I can tell. So if you simply prefer holding your iPhone sideways when you shoot photos or videos, now you can. Front-facing camera support is bigger update. It makes it easier to put yourself, or your and your friends, into your work.

If you're already an Instagram users, the update is ready and waiting for you. If you haven't tried it again, it's free, it's social, and it's in the App Store waiting for you.

Rene Ritchie

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Osumailguy says:

I know that Vine didn't allow pulling from the Camera Roll ... but I wish Instagram would allow it!

bahandi says:

Hopefully this update addresses a bug I keep encountering where it stops recording at 8-12 seconds.

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escapedrift says:

the update killed sound for videos on mine...