Get twice the online storage for the same price with new Dropbox pro plans and pricing

Get twice the online storage for the same price with new Dropbox plans and pricing

Popular online storage and sync platform Dropbox, which powers tons of iPhone and iPad apps, has just announced new plans with new pricing, basically giving most paid users twice what they had before. Here's what the Dropbox blog had to say:

Today we’re happy to announce that our upgrades are getting a huge upgrade! Dropbox Pro now comes in flavors of 100 and 200 GB, but at the price of the original 50 and 100 GB plans. For those of you who need even more space, a brand new 500 GB plan is also joining the posse! If you’re already a Dropbox Pro subscriber, just take a seat and enjoy the fireworks — your Dropbox will supersize itself automatically tonight.

So be sure to check back with Dropbox this evening to see all the new pricing go live. I've paid for Dropbox for years. Most of my OS X Home directory lives in Dropbox. If I ever need to reinstall a machine, or I get a new machine, the first thing I do is install Dropbox and a short time later, everything is just there. It's literally the lynchpin of what lets me leave my desktop and go to my laptop and keep working as though I hadn't changed machines.

Dropbox is also what I use on my iPhone and iPad to keep files handy and share them on the go, and to have a pseudo file system available since Apple doesn't provide one in iOS.

I'm a huge iCloud user as well, but I use Dropbox for very different things.

If you're using Dropbox too, let me know how, and what you're planning to do with all that extra space?

Source: Dropbox

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Get twice the online storage for the same price with new Dropbox pro plans and pricing


The headline should reflect that this only applies to Dropbox Pro though -- there's still no reasonable plan for people with smaller needs…

I'd say 2GB free plus additional 500MB per referral (up to 18GB) is pretty reasonable enough. It's a completely affordable service. If one can't afford the $10, they don't really need the service that bad.

I do the Pro 100. I LOVE the service. It has completely changed the way I do my work. I love starting work on one computer, being able to go downstairs to my laptop to continue work -- or open the file and do more work on my iPad on-the-go. All of this seamlessly without having to retrieve files manually since they automatically sync the moment I save them. I've also used this service a ton when working at remote office locations. I can do the work on whatever computer and have the files when I get home. Flawless.

I'm fine right now with the free plan, but it would really be nice if they had something a little cheaper for a little less space, something closer to $25/year.