GetGlue becomes tvtag, big updates on the way

Popular social TV app GetGlue has a new name following it's latest update: tvtag. The app still lets you check in and share, but it also hopes to provide high-quality, curated information about your favorite shows will keep you engaged, providing additional context for what you're watching. This update also has a number of small design tweaks. i.TV, which purchased GetGlue late last year, says that bigger updates to tvtag are coming in the near future.

You can download tvtag as an update to GetGlue right now from the App Store.

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Reader comments

GetGlue becomes tvtag, big updates on the way


GetGlue was the worst name ever. It was if the company was named after a drunken night in the bar by losing a bet.

i.TV ruined that app. I used to use it for books and games and music and everything else that didn't involve tv.

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I agree with you. I don't even watch TV very much, other than live sports programs. I watch movies much more than TV shows, so tvtag is useless for me.

GetGlue ruined the app long before i.TV purchased them. Hopefully they can bring it back to its former glory.

Really sucked when they dropped support for podcasts. Don't see why they had to abandon other forms of media. It's fine if you want to focus on TV, but shouldn't have gotten rid of the other stuff.

I loved and used GetGlue when it was first released and like it. Then it got really confusing they were just trying to do too much with the interface and things weren't where they used to be. The ad looks promising and I'll have to see what they do with the app. What the app should be is social it should bring together people around the topic of watching TV. It doesn't though because there is no social from what I've seen. You leave comments and read others comments and some comments will get a reply but most don't. I've left replies but without any conversation to my replies after awhile you just get tired and go with the herd. It would be nice if people watching sports games were able to talk to one another and unite for their team no matter which city, state, country they are in that is the power of social. I do agree that it was fun when they things other than TV but perhaps they thought the scope was too broad who knows.

The first design was just fine. I understood the name, GetGlue for the stickers. Okay cool fine with me. I liked checking in for different movies, tv shows, activities (like reading, listening to music, traveling). It was a simple design and fun to use. I really didn't like the change with adding videos and top activity, it is very annoying and god forbid if you click on videos. The wait time for loading them on your phone is ridiculous. I could only check in on my iPod touch but never comment, the bar never showed up. Luckily I had my android which had the comment bar. Now with this tvtag switch, I have absolutely nothing to comment with now. I really hate this. My main checking in and commenting was done on my phone. What's the point of the app now? I'm really tired of people taking and ruining things when they weren't broken in the first place. I hope they change it back to the simpler design.