Getting Steve Jobs to dance

Jonathan Mann lost a big video contest, made an antennagate song to console himself, and woke up to a request from Apple to use it to kick off their press conference. Medium:

Later that morning, I watched online as the song and video I had made in 3 hours the night before played before an audience of journalists at Apple HQ. Then Steve Jobs came out on stage and said, "Thanks for coming. We found that on YouTube this morning and couldn't help but want to share it." It was one of the most surreal moments of my life. I heard later from the PR rep that Steve had been dancing off stage as the song played. If you watch the video of the event, there's a few seconds, right as my song ends, that you can see him bopping his way on to the stage.

The insane power of the internet. Read the whole thing.

Source: Medium via The Loop

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Getting Steve Jobs to dance