Ghostbusters augmented reality iPhone and iPad game on the way

XMG Studios announced the first official Ghostbuster game for mobile at PAX East 2012 last week. Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast is ambitiously going to tackle both augmented reality and location-based genres; different spots around town will have a random ghost inhabiting it, and your job is to, well, bust it. After starting your ghost hunt, you point your iPhone or iPad around to find your target, and try to neutralize it with sweet, sweet proton ray justice. The ghost moves around a fair bit, so you have to stay sharp, but once they're sufficiently weakened, you can throw out your trap to end the maligned spirit's tiny reign of chaos. You earn experience points and gather unlockable items as you go, such as virtual collectible cards and new guns. Achievements with Game Center support should also be ready for launch.

As nice as it would be to form a team with your ghostbustin' buddies, it doesn't sound like multiplayer support will be available in the initial release. It sure would be fun to try avoid crossing streams with friends, but something tells me it's hard enough to get one person waving their iPhone around at lunch in a spat of augmented reality dorkery, nevermind two at the same time, barking orders at one another in the middle of a diner. Still, XMG has longtime experience making augmented reality games, and Ghostbusters doesn't look like it's going to disappoint.

Expect Ghostbusters: Paranormal Blast out this summer for $0.99.

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Ghostbusters augmented reality iPhone and iPad game on the way


LoL, what a joke. :45 seconds, the guy says something like "He's moving around the room", meaning that the ghost was flying around the room, but yet the ghost stays almost perfectly centered on the iPad's screen, while the guy moves the iPad to pan around the room. I guess I'll have to see the final product. Hopefully they release a free trial version to play around with.

Agreed. Looks like you'll get about 5 minutes of actual fun out of it and then never pick it up again.