Gmail over ActiveSync experiencing failure to push, are you having problems?

Is Gmail over ActiveSync screwed up for you too?

Gmail over ActiveSync hasn't been working properly for me for the last few days. I get no mail for hours at a time, then a ton of mail spurts in, then no mail again. IMAP is fine, it's only ActiveSync that's causing me problems. Google, of course, is end-of-lifing the free version of GoogleSync -- their licensed version of Microsoft's Exchange ActiveSync for push mail, contacts, and calendars -- but existing setups are supposed to keep working, as are paid Google accounts. That's what I have, a paid Google Account, which means I should be getting ActiveSync service as usual going forward. So what's the deal?

Glitches and gremlins happen to and plague every service, but this is going on half a week. I took a quick look and didn't see any Google Apps system status reports but as a paying customer who depends on timely email service from one of the world's biggest email service providers, I'm in pain here.

(Sure, I could use the Gmail app, pictured up top, to get push but I also use iCloud -- which is working just fine right now -- and I value a unified inbox, so it's not a great solution.)

Anyone else having trouble with Gmail over ActiveSync right now? If so, how long has it been problematic for you?

Update: Jonathan Geller from BGR is on the phone with Google, and according to what they're telling him, Apple is blocking their push notifications -- since about May 7 -- but they're working on a fix. That makes little sense to me, however, since if Apple is blocking it, how could Google fix it, especially since it's a Microsoft protocol baked into iOS anyway? Unless iOS 6.1.4 changed something in the ActiveSync support that specifically broke Google, and Google fixes whatever they were doing that isn't compliant with the update, I'm at a loss to understand that explanation?

Update: The problem seems to occur regardless of iOS version, so recent changes on Apple's end are out.

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Gmail over ActiveSync experiencing failure to push, are you having problems?


Happened to me all weekend, and I use IMAP only, free account, and the Gmail app on my iPhone. Searched and didn't see anyone complaining, so figured it might be the hotel I was in's wifi. But still happened on Verizon LTE.

To be honest? I've started noticing oddities ever since they combined all the storage from gmail, picasa, etc. Though it could be just me.

My Gmail and Drive both still do not reflect that I should have 15GB of unified storage. They both still display their respective storage quantities. I don't think they have complete it yet or it didn't go as smoothly as they planned.

I am sure it isn't trivial. Just funny how we have heard nothing about it. iCloud? Breaking news alerts.

I've had the same problem all weekend as well. I'm not a paid Google costumer but on a free account that was activated before the cutoff. The weird thing about the problem is that performing a "pull-down to refresh" doesn't download new email either. It just come in spurts. I'm glad I'm not the only one experiencing this problem.

Same exact thing happened to me, although I'm using a free account. I couldn't find anyone up-in-arms on the Internet so I wondered if it was just me. Calendar and contacts are syncing just fine. I switched to for now. Hopefully you can get some answers for us!

I was having problems lately but I gave up, activated my @me account, forwarded my hotmail and gmail to it, and now my iPHone and Mac is perfectly synced (mail, contacts, calendar etc.) with iCloud. No drama, no work arounds.

Well in some sense yes, but I now use my @me account as my main account. So better said, no extra setting up to be done neither on this device nor any other apple device I use.

I noticed just over the last few days that my wife's email setup with IMAP gets email at least a few minutes sooner than I do!

Edit: Contact and Calendar syncing works fine.

Edit2: Tried to edit my above contact, but get a "do not have permissions error"

A Google Group thread pertaining to this issue exists if you search under iPhones. I tried to post the link here but got flagged for spam.

I've been having the issue on my iPhone 5 for about a week now.

My iPhone 4S is still running Active Sync (free) as it is grandfathered in, but my iPad isn't running Active Sync (I got it in March). My iPad is going off all day with emails, but they only show up in batches later on my iPhone. I'm considering dumping my Active Sync account on my phone and just setting up a Gmail IMAP inbox like my iPad has.

Yeah, I have been noticing this as well since the last 3-4 days. I initially thought this was a phone problem but now I see its not.

Unfortunately, Google uses a now-antiquated version of Exchange ActiveSync -- it hasn't been upgraded in quite some time. I still have my Google Apps account, however, I moved over to Office365 primarily to sync my iOS Reminders with Tasks on my PC. When I asked Google Apps support about whether or not this functionality would be 'switched on', I was told it wasn't possible in the version of Exchange ActiveSync they were using, and there were no plans to upgrade.

iOS-wise, I'd say Office365 or a paid account are currently the best options.

That being said, I also experienced issues with my Office365/iOS syncing over the weekend -- repeatedly receiving 'unable to connect to mail server' error messages. I deleted my Office365 account from my iPhone 5 and then re-added it -- the problem went away. Not sure why that worked -- but it did...

Can you use the outlook on the Mac built in email. I have a free outlook email which I get free push emails to my iPhone. I forward my gmail account to outlook but I can't set up outlook mail on a Mac email

When I had a windows pc, I setup a account. I switched to a MacBook Pro. I just searched, and signed in using my live account. It brought up the new outlook on the MacBook. Seems to work. I did have a paid Office 2012 account under the same live ID, the only thing I noticed, it has the new windows 8 look, and feel. It seems to work alright on the MacBook. I went into settings,mail, and created my live account. It seems to work in the built in mail fine. I sent a message to it, and received it right away. Not sure how your outlook account is, but mine is the Note, the outlook mail via my account, not office 2012.

It gets confusing as they move all their services (hotmail,,, etc.) under the (free or paid) moniker. Separate from all of that is, and then even there there's the Microsoft Office product line as well as a business oriented full Microsoft Exchange service -- their equivalent of Google Apps, both called Office365. Once you research which Microsoft product if best for your needs -- you'll be better off in the long run. Microsoft is much more internet-standard oriented in this regard than the ever increasinly 'walled-garden' approach of Google. Good luck :-)

Same EXTREMELY frustrating issue here. Although I searched for the issue last night and ended up on a Blackberry forum where members recently started experiencing the same looks like we're not alone.

These issues have sparked me to look into some alternative providers...the new really looks nice. Anyone have experience with it?

Didn't Google drop support for ActiveSync a while back? It wasn't working on my iPhone 5 when I got it 2 months back. I use Cal and CardDAV and the Gmail app.

Paid Google account (work) has been failing for a few weeks now. Free one works just fine. Very frustrating.

Been having the issue too the past couple of days. The other folders I have synced are pushed immediately (Sent, Trash, and Work) but the inbox is not being pushed and not even reliably updating even on manual check.

mine seems to work on the manual check and my calendar seems to be syncing- Part of me thinks maybe its time to take it off and set up gmail the IMAP way...