Gmail update for iOS adds new inbox support and notification options

The new look Gmail inbox started rolling out to the web interface last week, and today's update to the iOS app brings it to your iPhone and iPad. We're not treated to a visual upgrade too, but then, the iOS app has had the slide-out drawer interface for some time now.

You have to have enabled the new inbox on the web first, and this is done by hitting the settings button and looking for "configure inbox." If you see that, click it and you're good to go. You select which tabs you want to activate, and these then become available in the mobile version of Gmail. It's supposed to help you gain control of your inbox, and sort out the clutter into more manageable pieces. The good news is, if you don't like it, you can just as easily turn it off and go back to how you were.

Also included in todays update are improved notifications -- you can now choose to be notified for all mail, just important mail, or no mail at all on an account by account basis. Sure to be of use to those of us managing several Gmail accounts. The update is available to download right now from the App Store, and once you've taken the new inbox for a spin, be sure to drop us a line in the comments and let us know what you think of it.

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Reader comments

Gmail update for iOS adds new inbox support and notification options


Can some why explain why Google doesn't allow you to create labels in the app. Is it really that difficult to program?
It's pretty much the only reason I have to use the desktop GMail as I am a OCD when it comes to sorting & filing email and its annoying that I'm forced to do so

Am I the only one who likes the iOS mailbox? I have tried the gmail app a couple of times but I just can't get passed not having my email all in one place.

No, you're not the only one. I generally prefer the iOS Mail app, but it is useless if you need to search for an archived email, so I have the GMail app, too.

I prefer the gmail app over the stock mail app for the push notifications. And the gmail app has really improved since the first couple of versions.

Nope. I prefer it to. In fact after I had to get a new 5 I complete left gmail because of no push and went to Works flawlessly on on the iPhone, and the web interface is great!

Glad for the update to match the web version. At the moment I'm just trying out various alternatives to the iOS Mail App (Sparrow), Mailbox (GMail), but may go back to stock and GMail. I like all my mail in one place as well (in regards to @douglaswilson) but also have an addiction to constantly changing it up.

I'm still not seeing the "configure inbox" option in any of my google apps accounts. Is it only available for "" accounts? If so, that's annoying.

I found it by clicking on the settings wheel in my gmail inbox and then you can configure your inbox.

Did they happen to address the font size issue yet? As it stands the tiny font size they use for most email is painful at best to look at.

The app is great! Not a fan of the preview of the email in the lock screen. The preview should obviously share the senders name, and email title. Not get into the actual text of the email as the preview does. I'd prefer more privacy.