Gogo Navigator for iPhone offers good navigation at a good price

Gogo Navigator supports real-time turn by turn navigation throughout the United States and Canada at a decent price. I recently looked at Garmin StreetPilot for iPhone which is currently priced at $34.99. While the app had a great interface and offers turn by turn navigation, I found it had one huge down side. StreetPilot does not store maps natively. This means if you're out of range of a signal you won't be able to access maps since they can't pull from the servers.

Gogo Navigator uses native maps for navigation. Regardless whether you have a signal or not, you can still get turn by turn directions. They offer maps in regular view as well as real-time 3D view. You also have the features you'd expect from a good GPS app like favorites and places of interest (POI). Gogo Navigator is currently priced at $29.99 in the app store which is a great deal for a decent GPS app. It's a much lower price point that most and I found it did the job just as well as some of my other GPS apps. Hit the jump for some screens!

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Reader comments

Gogo Navigator for iPhone offers good navigation at a good price


Mapquest for mobile may Be free but it doesn't have built in maps. It relies on a data connection. If you get lost and your service is poor or non-existent, what do you do then?
A true gps app should have some type of built in maps.
Mapquest 4 mobile = a little over 5MB
Gogo and some other true nav apps = ~ 2GB
You can get directions with or without service. Real turn by turn.

Gogo uses Teleatlas maps, almost as inaccurate as OpenMaps and Google Maps in NA - years behind in plat updates. Subdivisions I worked on in 2006 still aren’t in Teleatlas. Apps with crap data are crap.

Don't get Navigon. It says that a location doesn't exist a lot (maps find it perfectly), and when it does "find it", it takes me to the totally wrong location. I found myself an hour off course one of the first times I used it because it changed the address from the one I put in to one it thought was more correct.
It can have the best UI, but if it doesn't work- then it's useless. Let's hear some real world trial and error reviews.

I agree. I couldn't get Navigon to work at all. Not sure how this one does, but if people are happy I might give it a try.

Downloaded! Such an awesome app to go ahead :) This one really makes difference with the others from the app store. I don't mind the price as this app can be a life time companion for me! Thanks for sharing this Allyson :-)

apps like this one suck down a lot of data, if i'm not mistaken. how do people balance the utility against their tiered data plans?

Could someone please tell me how to turn this app off once I get somewhere it is still running. The only way I have found to turn it off is to shut my phone down then boot up again. I know there has to be an easier way but it's a pain as of now. Navigation was spot on but I don't want it running all the time. I hope someone is able to help.

Force quit the app by double tapping home button and press and hold the app until you get the jiggly and end it