Goldgenie's 24 carat gold iPad Air wants to be the iPad of your dreams

After the success of the gold iPhone 5s there's doubtless many folks who would have loved to get their hands on a gold iPad Air. That of course didn't happen, but the folks at Goldgenie have gone one better with this, a 24 carat gold iPad Air. And it's pricey. £1486 to be precise.

It isn't limited to gold either, and if you're feeling extra extravagant you can opt for a Rose Gold or a Platinum finish, which will set you back a cool £1556 and £1625 respectively. All come in a luxury black piano finish box, but let's face it, this isn't something your average iPad buyer will be dropping a bundle of cash on.

So, gold might well be best, but is this a little bit too much? Or the extravagant iPad of your dreams?

Source: Goldgenie

Richard Devine

Senior Editor at iMore, part time racing driver, full time British guy

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Ides of Buster says:

Looks cheap. And with the extra weight it no longer deserves the name "Air".

stephen007 says:

There really shouldn't be any extra weight. If they are using gold electroplating then the gold layer would only be approximately 15 millionths of an inch thick. It's extremely negligible.

As to looking cheap... I think you're spot on.

offdahglass says:

That's stupid. Technology is on a time line so why put gold on something that will be outdated in a year?

Nathan Bael says:

I don't like the look of gold. Now a nice copper or brass iPad I would like.

WhyAreYouHere says:

AHHHHHH, NO!!!!!!!!

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wamadden4 says:

Give me 6 of each color!!!! LOL What tool would buy one of these?

Truffol says:

Apple really wiped out a few of these gold-idevice guys when it came out with the gold 5s (not sold at a premium...and looks much better IMO). Now it's a matter of time before it releases gold iPads too!