GoodReader for iPad gets updated with iOS 5 compatibility and iCloud support

GoodReader for iPad has just received a significant update and now includes support for iOS 5 as well as iCloud. In case you don’t know, GoodReader is a fantastic application that can open and view many different file types such as PDF, TXT files, MS Office doc, ppt, xls, iWork ’08/’09, HTML and Safari webarchives. It even handles audio and video files too, and can un-Zip files. The latest update also include a few other improvements.

  • iOS 5 compatibility fix
  • iCloud support (iOS 5 or later)
  • Data Protection can now be enabled for all files, even if there is no app or file password being used (this option needs to be explicitly enabled in settings)
  • AirPlay is also enabled for audio files now (iOS 4.3 or later)
  • Side Menu for PDF annotations can now be disabled in settings
  • PDF Annotations deletion confirmation dialog can now be disabled in settings
  • Web browser password now also locks the “Enter URL” feature

GoodReader is available for the iPad for $4.99.

[App Store link]



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There are 17 comments. Add yours.

dloveprod says:

That app never goes on sale.

Peter Johnson says:

Maybe it doesn't need to- its well worth the price as they keep updating

cosbin2 says:

YEA! Now if only iOS 5 and/or Goodreader would fix/add support for JPEG2000! Way too many of my contracts/bids/scans end up coming to me as blank pages!
And the damn thing is pricey (relative) but handy...

Peter Johnson says:

Have you tried asking the developer to add it?
$4.99 is really not that expensive for something you could easily use regularly for a year or more , as I have for this one, and I've seen this app updated many times by the developer to add new features, at no extra cost.
iPhone's "reality distortion field" seems to apply to software pricing too- that's fine if you only want a load of cheap, rubbish apps to choose from, but its pretty annoying to keep seeing any software costing more than a cup of coffee repeatedly being regarded as expensive, it's a bit disheartening for developers.

Steve White says:

Exactly! The app is a great deal at $4.99. I consider myself fortunate as I jumped on it at $.99 when it first came out supporting the original iPad. Not regretting it at all.

cosbin2 says:

I haven't asked Goodreader yet. I have been trying the many work-arounds on the web so far. Indeed, $5 is not that much, as uselful as it has been!

Ashutosh Nigam says:

great post...thanks for sharing

Steve123 says:

BOOM : iPhone 4s Is 68% Faster Than iPhone 4 :

natefish says:

What exactly does "iCloud support" mean? That seems to be an ambiguous statement. Online backup? Cloud sync between iPad and iPhone?

Jeffreymlowe says:

I use Goodreader every day.

Master says:

Great app! Shame that after the update the app won't work.....

Kevin Micalizzi says:

I have the updated GoodReader app and now it won't run. I shows the green screen that says "Loading...." then it crashes. I use GoodReader everyday, now I can do a thing with it.

(-) says:

Crashes with the new upload

Darrellpearce says:

Help! Use this every day for work and can not get it to load after ios5 update!!

Bluestar says:

However I have not been able to "openin" a PDF from email with Goodreader since upgrading?

Paolo says:

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