Google releases Currents, a user-friendly news reader

Google releases Currents, a user-friendly news reader

Google has just released Currents, their post-Flipboard take on the news reader, which brings your favorite RSS feeds, video streams, public Google + posts together with over 150 publishing partners. Reading content in Google Currents is just as easy, if not easier than viewing it all over the web, and it is free.

Unfortunately it is only available in the US, so not everyone can take part in it just yet.

We'll get TiPb and Mobile Nations editions up for you asap, but in the meantime, check out Android Central's absolutely gorgeous edition. Direct download link

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Reader comments

Google releases Currents, a user-friendly news reader


Ok... So Google continues their longstanding business model of 1. Find Bandwagon. 2. Jump on it. (copy it). Seriously, can this company ever have an original idea? They are the new MS.

Why oh why is it US-only?? Haven't these developers, up to and including Google, that being online means that physical distance is no longer a barrier to shipping a porduct? Why are we non-Americans treated as if we don't matter again and again and again??

1) I'm sure it is US-only simply because Google wanted to get magazines like Forbes and Fast Company on as partners, and those magazines demand distribution deals by region.
2) The interface is overall not bad, but the fundamental component -- actually reading -- annoys. I would much rather scroll down an article progressively than swipe pages left to right.

This isn't much different than flipboard except that flipboard's interface is actually fun where this just misses the mark. Though they almost work identically the user experience of flipboard is leaps and bounds above this. Not to mention to lack of Facebook integration right out of the gate. I love google but this is one of there many fail's as far as I am concerned.