Google Says Apple Did Fully Reject Google Voice

In a post on their official blog, Google has let the world know that, "in the interest of transparency," they're allowing the FCC to comply with a Freedom of Information Act request to fully publish their response about the whole Google Voice Rejection Brouhaha, and it's an interesting read, to say the least. You can grab the PDF of the letter right here.

The letter, which had been previously redacted, claims that not only did Apple fully reject both Google Voice and Latitude, but the rejection came after conversations between top executives, including Phil Shiller. This contradicts Apple's claim that they had not rejected the apps, but merely reviewing them in a more extensive way.

The reason for the rejections (as Google calls them) is what you probably expected: "duplicate functionality." Google writes:

Apple's representatives informed Google that the Google Voice application was rejected because Apple believed the application duplicated the core dialer functionality of the iPhone. The Apple representatives indicated that the company did not want applications that could potentially replace such functionality

The story is much the same for Google Latitude, but has a bit more shadenfreude to it since the functionality that's being duplicated is "a version of Google Maps." Google also details the dates of calls, emails, and in-person conversations between Alan Eustace of Google (VP of Engineering and Research) and Phil Schiller of Apple (VP of Worldwide Product Marketing, but you knew that).

So... the worm and turned and Google's letting the world know they feel rejected. How do you feel after this latest development?

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Dieter Bohn

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Reader comments

Google Says Apple Did Fully Reject Google Voice


All I really need jail breaking for now is Google voice, if they would give it to me, I could upgrade to 3.1 and be able to use app management, why apple why.

Apple should let Google try to incorporate Latitude into the default Maps app, which is just a prettied up version of Google Maps anyway.

On CNBC, Apple released a statement saying they did not reject GV. The plot thickens...I completely believe Google.
What has happened to Apple? Greed has prevented us iPhone owners from realizing full potential. Shame on Apple.

Substitute the words "replace such functionality" with "improve such functionality" and you see the problem with Apple "approval" process. Does Apple really want to stifle improvement just because their people didn't think of it first?

I hope this is the case that the FCC needs to break open Apple's monopoly on the app store.
That's ridiculous that it "duplicated the core dialer functionality". There are already many apps that do that. The only reason for this rejection is to project Apple's partnership with the carriers - eg. AT&T's business.

I think that developers feel a lot of hostility coming from Apple - which can be disheartening given many people have businesses that depend solely on the app store.

This is the reason people jailbreak. There are some many apps out there that Apple has rejected, that would make the Iphone a more sought after device.

I thought you were German yourself?
In any case, Raul may have not have said it in the most eloquent way possible, but I think the world gets the gist of how they feel through his words!

With such decisions Apple may well loose a bunch of power users in the future. I can't say that WebOS or Android don't seem as a good alternative, once they get enough apps or better hardware.

The amount of people affected by this versus the amount of media coverage this stupid issue has created is astounding.
If you want it, Jailbreak. Apple created the ecosystem, and Apple can do what they want with it. The iPhone is not a monopoly. If you don't like the app approval process, get a Blackberry, HTC, Pre, or Nokia. Problem solved.

It's not just the people directly affected by this, it's the whole way that Apple runs the app store that is getting the attention. I totally agree with "Stan the Man" and "Francis" on this one, that Apple is just way too vein for its own good.

Ok. So its official.
Apple (the company that can do NO Wrong) LIED, in writing to a Federal Investigation.
I want to see a perp-walk. I want someone frog-marched out of Apple headquarters in cuffs. I don't care if their million dollar lawyers get them freed 40 minute later, it needs to be done.
But I have no illusions that will happen. Apple has too many democrat politicians in their back pocket.
Probably a better outcome in the long run is that the FCC take this as an indication that new regulations protecting consumers ARE needed, and long overdue. Exclusivity and carrier locks (beyond contract) must be outlawed. Jailbreaks which do not physically harm the hardware must be legal and must not void warranties.
I'm glad Google opened this. I hope it opens some eyes.

Developers should think twice in dealing with & bringing their business to Apple & especially Google. The more light shed on this the better. Apple needs new management BAD. Their poor explanation or lack of explanation for why the apps get rejected from the store is pathetic, inconsistent & unhelpful.

Sounds more like Apple didn't fully reject but wanted some modifications in order for the app to be approved. Albeit the modifications might have sapped some of the benefit of the app(s). If Google takes a hardline stance and is unwilling to modify, then sure, it's a full rejection. But I can see it Apple's way too.

Starting to get a LOT of mainstream press on this issue.
AO, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, Info-week, CNET, Reuters, and the Washington Post.
We have ignition, but we do not have liftoff.
Still that missing all essential link, the New York Times. As long as Jobs can keep this out of the Times, he feels safe and warm.

Why does everyone want Google so badly? I was turned off on them the second I read that anything you create using Google Docs is their property. Also, what's this business about having to be "invited" to use their stuff? They can keep their stuff. I can wait for Apple to do it better and sleeker than them. Besides, if all the whiners are right, everyone should start running in droves to get an Android phone because Google apps will make those cheap looking/feeling pieces of plastic so much more supierior to the iPhone. Yeah right!

Wait a second.
So Google submits their response
Apple submits their response.
Apple's response is different, So they lied??
If you guys hate Apple so much stop buying their products, Stop coming to an Apple blog, and stop caring.
Go buy a blackberry or Android or palm phone.
HAVE FUN with that.

I don't think it's really about Google Voice at this point but it's about honesty in how Apple approves or disapproves applications. Don't say one thing and then lie about it. Not everyone wants to change their phones but if this keeps up with their application approval process it will affect the quality and number of apps being submitted to Apple and that does affect us all.

apple can't do what they want? They have to play fair? Are you really that naive? Appls product apples app store. Apple can do what they want in accordance with set regulations. I'm not sure if your definition of what's "fair" is covered by that.

on a site devoted to the iPhone. Your a complete loser. Go jerk off to some HTC site and leave the rest of us alone. Dummy.


Apple’s response is different, So they lied??

Do you see GV or Latitude in the App Store?
NO. 4 months, and 8 months since submission.
So therefore, YES, Apple Lied. In writing.

Do you guys hear that? It's the sound of Apple furiously shredding documents.
I don't think Apple will get hit too hard on this, but I hope it leads to changes in the law.
Thanks to everyone for not going all "apple fanboy" on this story.

In all honesty can someon tell me what's so great about google voice? All my calls directed to a single line? I already have that as the only phone I have is my cell phone. That was pretty easy. No overhyped app needed

@icebike Or third party GV voice apps that were in the App Store and that we're pulled in July.
@Therealtruth Playing fair means not being against competition. Or it's fair to ban other browsers in OS X o Windows because it's their OS?

waaaaa!!!!! Apple lied!!!! Waaaaaaa!!!!!!! Yeah it's a big conspiracy against you. Do you see the black helicopters circling?

if I owned a company I'd want to do everything within the law to kill the competion. Capitalism baby!!!!! It's business.

How could you put GV in the app store? people would not need cel phone minutes anymore.
Is it impossible that they could be making a decision on what features it would allow?
Why are you guys so stuck on GV and VOIP Apps? you don't see the clear conflict? Allow voip apps and we Won't need cel phone minutes anymore.
So the whole game needs to be changed in general where we just pay for ONE thing and they get rid of cel phone minutes.

i don't think apple has to play "fair", but clearly they are jerking customers around because of some deep insecurity about letting google dominate the default app scape of the iphone.
as a customer, i'm going to complain about it when apple doesn't do things that are in my interest and i will laud them when they do things that are useful to me.
right now they are clearly trying to lock google from getting onto the iphone any more than it already is. this wouldn't be a problem, except it increasingly limits what people can do with the device.
i don't much care whether what apple does is "pro-apple" or "anti-google", but i do care if what they are doing is "anti-customer".
in this situation, apple being anti-google is the same as apple being anti-customer. it isn't about fairness or loyalty to either corporation, it is about the interests of the customers being served, instead of some petty silicon valley turf war.

I think gv uses your cell minutes actually. But I hear what your saying. The cell companies should allow voip apps to work over their lines and so someone else can make money off of them? I swear the folks on here have no clue about business practices.

how can people be so clueless? I'm a capitalist country such as the US everything is about making capital. Go figure. A board of directors makes descisions based on what will benefit stockholders. The customers? As long as business is good, fuck 'em. People don't want to hear that, but it's th way it is. Sorry

@Therealtruth Well, I think that regulators will think the same about banning competition in iPhone.
And GV takes cell minutes because it's not a VOiP service. Skype, approved by Apple, doesn't take cell minutes. Ups.

Oh ok, well if GV takes minutes then what's the point anyway?? LOL!! why even use it? What are you people complaining about. I see why Apple hasn't approved it then, there's no point and it does duplicate functionality of the Normal Phone App.

yeah I just pointed that out in a previous post that gv uses cell minutes. So honestly I don't know how it can really be viewd a competion to apple, meaning the fuss over it's denial is pointless. Apple doesn't want on their product and I don't really see how it screws the consumer.

I don't feel like it's violating my rights, or me as a consumer in anyway, so why is the government getting involved again?

oh and if regulators do make that descision then
it will be unfair. I'm just stating that apple can do what they want regardless of what you deem as being unfair

@iPhoneMilk Ah, so Skype has to be banned, isn't it?
Help me understand the point. If it doesn't take cell minutes it's understable to ban it, if it take cell minutes it's absurd to use it?
If it duplicates functionality (as a lot of SMS applications, Skype, etc) it's understable to ban it.
In Spain it's said: "Te mean encima y dices que está lloviendo" (Someone pisses over you and you say it's raining) when someone defends an undefendable position.
Well, let's Apple "rain" over consumers

skype only works over wi-fi. It doesn't use anything provided by the cell phone company. Therefore it can be viewd as competition thus making it's exclusion questionable. Gv represents no competition to the provider. If apple wants to ban it because they don't like the color of the icon then
so be it.

Okay, we don't have EVERYTHING on the iPhone, yet it's a far superior phone for the general populous of users. For those few of us that are even aware of the iPhone's potential and missing features we can certainly look forward to, do we have to have everything NOW? Yeah, other phones have some features that iPhone doesn't have even now, but to me at least, they've clearly demonstrated that they're working on getting us those "missing" features. Maybe they're just making us wait for some features/apps that they're going to do better than what's out there now.

I personaly think that people should be pissed about the latitude app. Getting your panties in a bunch over an app tha uses your cell minutes to make calls? Who gives a fuck?

I think all the complainers remind me of my kids, every time something doesn't go their way we have to hear all the freakin crying and bashing Apple. Go back to windows mobile.

apple has a monopoly on the app store? So they're monopolizing their own store? is that possible? Anyway last i checked apple had what like 5 or six of their own apps on there the other 60 or whatever million being by 3rd party developers. calling this a monopoly is like saying im monopolizing my own time.

@TonyPatron "For those few of us that are even aware of the iPhone’s potential and missing features we can certainly look forward to, do we have to have everything NOW?"
pretty much, yes. since the iphone is a contract+subscription device, the longer apple waits the more customers end up paying.
if customers weren't being charged for "time", then apple "taking their time" might be a passable excuse, but they are so it isn't.

so apple has to add everything you want right now to the iphone? A bit of a narcissist are we? why dont you just design your own phone

The reason I use GV Mobile is free calls to Canada. Without it, I wouldn't be able to talk to my sweetie every night. So what it takes minutes, I ditched my landline that offered free to Canada for $30 a month. I'm sure I'm a very limited case in this regard, but it does count.

The point of GV is having an alternate phone number without needing an additional account through your service provider. You can give the alternate number to someone you might not necessarily want to have your "real" number, and if needed, you can simply block them when you no longer want them to use it.
Any minutes you use while making a call through GV are deducted from your usual cell minutes. The only thing that's free is SMS, which is obviously a threat to AT&T since they, like every other carrier, gouge their customers for tiny amounts of data.
Apple is clearly caught here, red-handed and pants around their ankles. And it's really frustrating and kind of sad.

"so apple has to add everything you want right now@the real truth to the iphone? A bit of a narcissist are we? why dont you just design your own phone"
apple doesn't have to add everything i want to the iphone right now. but if we're "on the clock" in terms of contracts and subscriptions, then they're going to be "on the clock" in terms of making those contracts and subscriptions worthwhile.
when apple does useful things with the device, i applaud them. when they do things to hobble the device, i feel free to complain. apple is not our friend, and we don't need to defend their interests when are contrary to our own. we can voice our complaints and consider other options. there's nothing "narcissistic" about that whatsoever.

Reading all this.. you guys are crazy.. its seems most of you don't care about anyone but yourself.. with quotes like.. if I had my own business.. I'd want to kill the competition.. Think about what you're saying.. you killing that competition is why our economy in the US is the way it is.. everyone is me me me.. leave others behind.. its sickening. Anyway.. on to this topic.. apple should have just released the apps, then they'd be getting a lot less grief right now, and people wouldn't know about GV just like they don't know, or use, 85% of the apps in the store right now. But the main point is, Apple owns the app store.. Nike can't walk into an Addidas store and demand a spot.. so its up to the consumer to decide if we want to purchase the phone or not.. the consumer has spoken.. without GV in the app store, we still want the iphone.. let this story die, and lets start talking about something else.. like that apps in the store, or even the ones that are coming.

Apple's paranoia about 'duplicate functionality' seems to be mostly what drives this argument. I will lay out some 'hypotheticals':
"Website 'A' doesn't render well in mobile Safari, but renders okay on (example) mobile Opera. Operator of website 'A' says iPhone users must download mobile Opera as they won't change their site. This may 'confuse customers' and splinter the install base making for a 'suboptimal experience'. Apple would rather leverage the installed base of Safari to encourage (or force?) the site operator to ensure compatibility."
"Dialer 'A' wraps a complete alternative telephony solution in a single app. User 'X' shows user 'Y' how to use the app to make a call. User 'Y' goes to make a phone call on the same phone or maybe their own. They get a completely 'unexpected experience' either because they are confused about whether to tap the iPhone dialer or Dialer 'A', or if they don't have Dialer 'A' installed are missing something expected. Apple rather not have these confusions compromising the 'Apple Experience'."
In may regards this is why there is so little 'skinning' options in Mac OS X. Apple is trying to be ferocious in managing user expectations. What they don't expect is that many users--like us--know the difference. Then again, I saw a woman explaining her iPhone to an older lady on the train and it was rather misinformed--and she was teaching Apple's built in functionality--it is really easy for some users to be confused.
Pour in a few ladles-worth of Apple (and AT&T, and Google) politics, some arrogance and secrecy and you have a boiling pot of fanatics. Like this thread here!

"without GV in the app store, we still want the iphone.."
without GV in the app store, i'm seriously considering a switch to another device once my contract is up. this was not even close to to being the case before apple rejected GV [and Latitude. that rejection was even more egregious].
i still think the iphone is a pretty great device. i also think there are a lot of pretty great devices out there right now. we don't have to think that absolutely everything apple does is brilliant, just because they do some brilliant stuff.

Then do it.. switch.. most folks though.. just like to complain.. and then they do nothing about it. I hope you actually do as you say, and you do switch.. although, for one app..? You thought the phone was great before you knew about GV.. but now.. how dare apple.. seems silly to me.. but what do I know.. I just wanted to say.. once you get to that new phone, and you have your new GV app.. let us know how it goes.. the grass is always greener.. until you realize you're now standing in a pile of shit.

Wouldn't you all be crying if Microsoft suddenly decided that iTunes duplicated the functionality of Windows Media Player. Or if Safari duplicated the functionality of Internet Explorer. Of course it duplicates it! But Apple's eliminate competition policy will not be able to last forever.

@ d.allen
BEST RESPONSE ON HERE. If you dont like it LEAVE, DONT BUY APPLE PRODUCTS. You REALLY think whining on the iphoneblog gets you anything? Or are you STILL using an Apple products. That just makes you complainers morons and hypocrites.
Apple DOESNT HAVE TO allow anything in the app store they dont want. There are other apps that do similar features, so show me the monopoly if there are other players in the market. Thats the WORST nonsense argument Ive ever heard made. DONT LIKE THEIR PRACTICES, LEAVE!
Key word is LEAVE, and most of you sound like chicken shits whining like little babies and still using the iphone. If Apple is so evil DONT USE THEIR PRODUCTS!!! NO IPHONES, NO IPODS, NO MACS. Thats a TRUE show of fighting back against Apple, and THE ONLY true way. Otherwise youre jsut a blowhard like most here
you sound like a moron trolling, and no one is even listening to you so stop wasting your time and go jerk off on your Hero.

sorry to break it to you but apple really doesnt care about you or your gripes with 30 million iphones sold and counting. they are turning a huge profit and are one of the few companies to see their stock price steady or on the rise through the recession. as long as the moneys rolling in theyll keep doing things as they are. Sell your iphone....get a phone.....whatever you feel is best. and quite honestly short of blowing me theres not much that makes any phone worth the contract but we do it anyway...

saying that our economy is the way it is in the US because everything is "me me me" is only half the story. regardless we are a capitalist nation, like it or not, and its all about the dollar sign. not saying its a good thing.......

"the grass is always greener.. until you realize you’re now standing in a pile of ****."
oh please. there are plenty of phones out there that aren't "piles of ****." some of them have even been positively reviewed on this very pro iphone blog.
when the app store came out, i bought a phone. i bought it in part based on apple's promise that their editorial control over the app store would exist to weed out viruses and malware and bandwidth hogs that could cause damage or performance issues to the carrier network.
well since then as we all know, apple has far, far exceeded those kinds of "technical" reasons for rejecting apps.
i like my iphone but it sucks at doing a few things, and apple rejects apps that i'd like it to run, and i'm going to complain about that when it happens because apple sometimes does things that suck and should be called out for doing so.
in the meantime, many of my friends have gone the non-iphone smartphone route and have been thoroughly pleased by their Pres and MyTouches and Blackberries. Every month a new phone comes out that keeps getting closer and closer to beating the iPhone, and each month more of my friends pick up non apple phones that are actually pretty good. smartphone capabilities are at a point where technical parity means that app rejection policies matter. all things being equal, as they increasingly are, i'll take the phone with the more open framework.
but i'm not an extremist. i think "apple, love it or leave it" is a pretty extreme position. i think there are good things and bad things about apple, and defending them against all complaints out of a sense of slavish loyalty should be embarrassing for the apologists. apple is a company, for crying out pete's sake, not your bestest buddy in the whole wide world.

I love the arguments about Capitalism if you don't like it leave. This country hasn't been truly capitalistic for quite some time. Bailouts out anyone, so please spare me. Oh yes certain companies are too important to fail. Stop drinking that cool aid. We are talking about a smart phone that Apple makes, sells and approves the applications. If they truly don't care, their market share will go down, the one advantage they had originally is iTunes as they were way ahead of others regarding music on a device that could do multiple things. But they can't have it both ways people are getting more demanding in what they need and want. It's best summed up two ways lead, follow or get the F*** out of the way, or for innovate or die......

Apple can do what they want. Thy don't have to play "fair". If u don't like it don't buy their friggin product and stop whining. If I don't like something I have the choice to do something about it. Completely agree with 2PhoneUser. If I don't like Apple I can leave but think Apple has a nice azz phone. Been tempted by other phones but Apple does it for me.

the majority if consumers are happy with their iPhones. We are a small minority on here. And if they don't care and their market share goes down I'm sure they will adapt. That's how the free market works. Sure there have been bailouts and such and honestly there are companies that are too big to fail. Are we truly a capitilist society? Was the soviet union truely communist? Of course not. Once you apply ideas to the real world things inevitably get skewed. We are however the closest it probably gets. And I haven't had kool aid in years, though you are making me nostalgic.

Seriously everyone pissing and moaning on here, just get another goddamn phone and go complain on their sites. Please.....the non stop whining is retarded.

Whining about other people "whining" is more than a tad hypocritical. People who happen to disagree with you do have a right to express themselves too you know. Nevertheless please feel free to continue in the very same behavior that you're labeling as "retarded" in others. I wouldn't dream of trying to stop you.

Apple created the iPhone. Apple created the app store. They specifically said right from the beginning that they would not allow certain apps. They own it and they can do what they want with it. As far as google is concerned, maybe they should be spending time developing android rather than getting into apples app store. The only reason they're doing it is because their products aren't as good and they want profit and publicity from apples success.
Ban em all you want apple!

My God, I never thought thare there were so many fanboys supporting anything Apple does.
Sometimes I'm ashamed of saying that I used apple computers, SO and phone.

Complaining about a cell phone is retarded. Get another one if you don't like it and stfu. That's all I'm saying

why is it that if someone doesn't feel the need to complain about what a certain product doesn't do, while there's plenty of other options out there, they are labled a " fanboy". Maybe we just realize that the world doesn't revolve around us and nothing is perfect


Complaining about a cell phone is retarded. Get another one if you don’t like it and stfu.

In a word, NO!.
Complaining about a product is how it gets improved.
It should be patently obvious that people here LIKE the iPhone and WANT to continue using it.
That does not mean that we think the phone is perfect in its present form.
That does not mean we relinquish the right to try to make it better by badgering Apple to do the right thing.
It does not mean we can not call attention to its faults, or the bad behavior of the company that makes it.
That does not mean we have to STFU.
Perhaps those who are perfectly satisfied with the phone as it is should leave, and just log off the blog. After all, if the iPhone is perfect, there is nothing more you need to know and nothing more you need to say about it.
It should be clear to even you, that no one is going to STUF just because YOU say so. We don't see your name at the top of the masthead. It should be clear that calling other people trolls is the perfect definition of trolling.
If your only contribution here is to come around telling people to STFU, and calling them trolls, then why come around at all?

complaining about a product is what gets it improved? Are you really this naive. First off your definition of an "improvement" might be completely different than my definition, and another user might have a list of "improvements" entirely different from both of us. second, who ever said the iphone is perfect? nothing is ever perfect. thats my point. and lastly a loss in revenue is what will get a companies attention. not a few anonymous user on a blog....

@ icebike
And "badgering apple to do the right thing"? Your version of the right thing? i mean is "the right thing" some universal law of nature which i am unaware of?

Badgering got us MMS.
Badgering got us copy paste.
Badgering got us security fixes.
You badger about what you want, I badger about what I want
Apple pays attention to the loudest voices and the most frequent complaints. If you think they don't watch the blogosphere you are delusional. If you think they don't read the news papers you are off the mark.
Any company that waits for declining sales before they improve a product or listen to their customers complaints is out of business. Apple is in business. Therefore, its pretty clear they listen and improve things.
I call attention to things that are important to me. Others post different wants and different issues. Everybody speaks their mind. Everyone has their say. You seem to have a problem with this, and feel the need to tell everyone else to STFU.
Perhaps you should take your own advice, and if you are unhappy with what you read on this blog, there are plenty of other. Or you could start you own.
But in the mean time, have a little respect for others. CultistsAreAmusing's viewpoint is just as valid as any one elses, and you have no business telling him/her to STFU.
A little respect.

if my viewpoint is to tell those i disagree with to stfu, am i not allowed to by your logic? MMS did not arrive because of badgering, neither did copy/paste. these were in the pipeline all along i'm sure. Add features slowly and there's always something to promote. you blow your load in version 1 what"s the point of a version 2 and so forth. apple requiring the 3gs only for certain features (video recording....compass....), requiring a 3g or better for MMS...they want you too keep buying their product.....the latest and greatest so you have access to all the latest features.....we don't get these things due to badgering.....we get them as a result of a good business model...

Wooooo boy, does dieter know how to flaim bait or what.It seems people have lost sight of this article and that is Apple Lied! Apple fanboys must really have the kool aid be coming out of their eye sockets and wars to not see that. Apple is trying to be the good guy and say stuff like "oh no, its not rejected, its still under review!" BS! The app approval process does not take this long, its either rejected or approved and I have to believe that Google is right and it was rejected because of duplicate functionalities. That is such a lame excuse and I like how Apple is saying its customers are too stupid that when they press into the google voice app, they go dumb because they see a dialpad and therefore think they are in the stock phone app. I acnt wait to see what the sheeps will be saying later on.

Personally, I don't care about Google Voice and I love Apple. But, I think some people are missing one important fact here...
If Apple was simply able to do whatever they wanted with the App Store, the FCC wouldn't be investigating and asking questions. That's just a fact, regardless of which side you're on. They enforce rules.
I can't fill my in-ground swimming pool with dirt even though it's MY pool in MY yard — it's against the law. I can't bury MY pets in MY yard — it's against the law. I can't keep MY non-drivable car in MY driveway — it's against the law.
Now, I don't know whether or not Apple is breaking any laws or lying, but I'm pretty certain they can't just do whatever they want with their phone and App Store. If that were true, the FCC wouldn't be asking questions. Period.

I love iPhone forums. When the iPhone first came out and the main feature it was lacking was Exchange Activesync support all the fanboys on the forums went on and on about how anyone who needed it needed to get a life, it wasn't necessary, yadda freaking yadda. Same with cut and paste, MMS, etc.
I am the customer. I pay good money for the iPhone, both initially and monthly. I can ask for whatever features I want! Sure I can go with another phone. That's not the point. I love the iPhone. There isn't another phone like it. But when Apple created the App store they let us customize our iPhone experience to our liking.
After reading many of the responses here I appears most of the fanboys here have never tried Google Voice, or even understand what it does. They just heard Apple rejected it so that's enough for you, well it's not enough for me. Ok , there's my two cents.

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