Google Authenticator for iOS gets an improved look and bug fixes, but breaks your accounts in the process

IMPORTANT: There is several reports of the update actually wiping out existing set ups causing the need to pair up your account again before it works. Others report getting locked out. Avoid with extreme predudice until Google and Apple push out a fix

UPDATE: Google has pulled the app from the store. Phew! Hopefully it's back soon, and fixed!

For those of you out there who are making good use of Google's Authenticator for an additional security layer, you'll be pleased to know the app has now been updated and is available for download in the iTunes App Store.

The change log calls out retina support for the iPhone 5, an improved user interface along with improved accessibility improvements and finally, the typical bug fixes. Sadly, native iPad support is still missing.


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There are 7 comments. Add yours.

mclarensr says:

Wiped out my existing data and had to renter. Not a show stopper but had to go digging for the information.

The new interface looks good.

Lahav Savir says:

Wiped all my accounts !!!!

kch50428 says:

Google has reportedly pulled the app...

vatark says:

Seems to have caught me too :-( I've just been in and set up text message notifications for the affected accounts. No point in setting up the Authenticator app if it has been pulled as it'll probably do the same when they re-release it. Ho humm!

T-Will says:

At least they finally updated it (the old version is broken on iOS7).

But I had already switched to Authy, which is a much better app, with more functionality, in my opinion.

eagertraveller says:

Really inconvenient but I managed to add back my account to the Google Authenticator. Wish I'd seen this article before I actually hit the 'Update' button.