Google brings storage for Gmail, Drive, and G+ storage into harmony, users get 15GB to store whatever they want

Google brings storage for Gmail, Drive, and G+ storage into harmony, users get 15GB to store whatever they want

Google is unifying storage across Google Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. Users will receive 15GB to use as they see fit, rather than walling storage off between services. Google stated on their blog that they have also updated their Drive storage page to reflect the change and make it easier to purchase additional storage.

We’ll also be making updates to the Google Drive storage page, so you can better understand how you’re using storage space. Simply hover over the pie chart to see a breakdown of your storage use across Drive, Gmail, and Google+ Photos. And if you need more storage, this is your place to upgrade, with plans starting at $4.99/month for 100 GB.

Additionally, Google Apps users will get 30GB of unified storage. Google also announced that the $2.49-per-month 25GB storage tier will be discontinued, meaning that in order to get more storage, users must pay $4.99 for 100GB. If you post a lot of photos, keep all of your email, or rely on Google Drive for cloud storage, then Google just made things a lot easier for you. It’s similar to something iCloud does, though Apple doesn’t count your Photo Stream against your iCloud storage, and you can’t save them there permanently if you take a lot of photos.

The unification is expected to roll out over the next couple of weeks, so if might be a little while before anyone sees it.

Source: Google Drive blog, Google Enterprise blog

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Dev from tipb says:

Ugh. This is exactly what I hate about iCould for email -- I do not want my email pipelines crossed with any other services, ever. Ars article for those who do not recall those problems when first launched. [ ]

If this brings that same level of (denial of) service to gmail, that is terrible news.

offdahglass says:

I think this is great. I'm all for free storage.

iSRS says:

So does this put an end to the ever growing gmail available space that is currently in place? So the "get 10GB (and counting!)" that was in place? Seems like I getting (possibly) less now, as I had 10 in gmail, 5 in drive and was in aware of google photos (unless it is left over from Picassa days) storage.

Jay Mobile says:

So what happened to the unlimited picasa storage from my G+ will that be discontinued also?

thatguykc says:

This would make me consider dropping Dropbox as a service.

Denton Heinrichs says:

It would be nice as long as I can get email if I fill up drive