Google CEO - Relationship with Apple "Stable, Stable"


AppleInsider reports that during Google's quarterly earnings call, CEO Eric Schmidt was asked about Google's relationship with Apple, and responded:

"I, as a former board member, have a special spot for Apple in my heart, but I will tell you Apple is a very well run company. They have a lot of very good stuff coming. We have a couple of very good partnerships with them, and we also compete with them in a couple of areas. My guess is that is a pretty stable situation for awhile."

And in regards to the rumor Apple is talking with Microsoft about making Bing the default iPhone search engine:

"We are not going to speculate on the marketshare of Apple mobile products. That is for Apple to discuss with you. As far as I can tell, our business structures with Apple are quite stable. I am not going to speculate on any deals of any kind -- rumored, true, not true, you name it. We are not going to talk about it."

So the "stable" card gets played twice. Well vetted in comparison to the sensational claims of Steve Jobs hating Eric Schmidt.

Meanwhile the two mega corporations still seem to be, if not in a collision course, then certainly ricochetting off each other with increasing frequency. Analyst Yair Reiner phrases it well:

"Apple seeks to be the "special box in a world of generic services," while Google aims to become the "special service in a world of generic boxes."

And the New York Times blog shows it, alongside Microsoft and Yahoo, in handy blue-dotted fashion, in the graphic up top.

Are frenemy partners and managed coopetition "stable", and are Apple and Google? Let us know your thoughts.

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Reader comments

Google CEO - Relationship with Apple "Stable, Stable"


The CEOs don't need to like eachother to do business together. Maybe Jobs hates Schmidt, but that doesn't mean they can't make money off eachother.

F*ck Google!
Seriously though, Google is a little out of control. It makes sense for Apple to be careful, MS are (IMO) a much more trustworthy partner.

Surely that table is wrong as it says Apple doesn't have gaming hardware whilst Microsoft does, unless I'm missing something Microsoft doesn't and Apple has a semi-game hardware with the iPod Touch now being advertised as a mobile gaming device, yes its a music player as well but the PSP plays music and videos yet is a Games comsole

Wow someone needs to do some homework on Gates and Jobs.
Never thought I would see that posted.
Gotta love this site.

@Geno, completely forgot about that, but still surely Apple should have a dot as well, I know its not the point of the article but it annoys me

@ James: I see your point, but Apple definitely does not make gaming hardware. Almost every portable device with a screen plays games, including nearly every cell phone. Saying that Apple makes gaming hardware is like saying Nokia and Research in Motion make gaming hardware. Which they don't.
Google and Apple don't really compete all that much, even now. Apple and MS are greater competitors (except for the part about the gaming hardware) than Apple and Google.

The junk yard of tech companies is strewn with the wreckage of companies that thought Microsoft was a trustworthy partner.
Really, don't go there.

Well microsoft would be better parnters but if apple does want google voice than google is a no go so Microsoft would win

Google has only pushed into operating systems and mobile ad a way to influence those platforms and bring more people into the cloud.
The fact is that google's core buisness is the web and search and apple's core buisness is hardware (and now media). These core buisnesses still compliment each other well despite their peripheral competition.

@dennis, This whole Nokia, Apple, RIM gaming is wayyyy different. Nokia, and RIM don't even have any device close to gaming. Just mobile devices. Yes, Microsoft makes, the XBOX and all, but Apple is slowly trying to re-think they way we think about gaming/portable gaming. But there's also a catch, no one, at least not now, is noticing this. It's just simply saying "that's for Apple to know, and for the people to find out!"
Also, the main competiton between Apple and Microsoft are the computer software, and personal computing. On the other hand, Apple is currently having a much heavier competition between Google.(Although, Apple claims that there seems to be no competition, not atleast at the moment.) Why is it heavier? Because Apple is new and barely getting into the mobile industry and market. And in my opinion, they seem to be doing an amazing job. Look at where they're at! So that is why, the mobile industry is starting to increase in craziness and in competiton. Meaning, Google's Android! Apple and Google are mainly competing in operating softwares. and now, maybe eventually, in search engines! Who knows? But In my opinion, Google's software is no where to perfect. Android is baisically like Microsoft and Apple OS is like Apple. Android is an open source, and goes out to many phone manafactures like Motorola, Dell, etc., and can soon be evolved in viruses. As for Apple's OS is just stuck into Apple products, and that's it. More like Palm's WebOS.
Apple likes to keep it their way also. Because Apple makes products to sell, not randomly market and just make products because they need something new. They make products so we can use them daily, and so we can say "wow! Why didn't we ever think of this." They re-think the way we use technology, and every day lives. Look at the iMac, iPod, and now the iPhone. And we'll see what "new creation" they have for us next week. They do care, and take their time in products, and are ready to market the product when they think it's ready to be marketed and begin it's new life out in the world. Apple doesn't really care what revenue will look like, because they ALREADY KNOW that their products ARE going to sell.
"Think different!" -Apple inc.
Sorry for a long post.

Google and Apple are bound to be at each other's throats for a long time. They act cordial but they are both getting into each other's business niches. (Google with the phone and Apple by buying a mobile ad network)

great article, I'm wondering why it seems as everyone is turning on google. Verizon also is making all Blackberry Tour 9630 users default to Bing as well.

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