Google Chrome app launcher making its way to the Mac

Anyone who has ever played around with Google Chrome OS will be familiar with the app launcher. Chrome runs nothing but web apps, but the app launcher provides the impression of a more regular OS, as you don't have to open a browser window to launch anything. Work has already begun on porting the app launcher to the Chrome browser for Windows, and now it seems, the Mac as well. Francois Beaufort of the Chromium team at Google has shared the news with us on his Google+ page.

So, we can try it out right now, but it's not something that any old average user can turn on. You need to download the latest Chromium build, and you need to be comfortable in using switches. Once you're past all that, you should have a functional app launcher to play around with.

It's a neat little addition to Chrome, though how useful it is will ultimately depend on how much you live inside the browser. If you decide to give this a shot though, drop into the comments and give us your thoughts.

Source: +Francois Beaufort

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Google Chrome app launcher making its way to the Mac