Google Chrome update for iOS adds the new improved voice search

We knew it was coming, but Google has now finally pushed out their new and improved voice search enabling update to the Chrome browser for iOS. The update brings Chrome for iOS up to version 27, and in line with the desktop and Android versions of the browser.

The voice search has now been added to the omnibox on the iPad version, and sits above the keyboard as a separate button on the iPhone. This is Google's newly improved voice search, with much faster voice recognition, and in some cases, results that are spoken back to you. We first saw this back at Google I/O for the Chrome browser, though we've been able to use voice search within the main Google Search app for iOS until now.

Google also promises faster page reloading times when connected to a slow network, and a bunch of security and bug fixes. But it's mainly about the voice search. Anyone who's given it a go, how are you finding it?

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Google Chrome update for iOS adds the new improved voice search


I really don't get why a Mac/iPhone/iPad user would need anything apart from Safari... Safari always wins due to its native integration, speed, design, sync abilities etc etc etc

Maybe because many of us like the design, capabilities, syncing (with all devices, not just Apple's), and integration (with google services) of Chrome more? No is forcing you to use it, more choices are always good.

Agreed. When I had both an iPhone and Macbook, all I used was Safari. Since I got a company laptop running Windows 7, Chrome is the way to go. (And, I assume cgs101 was stating that if you use a Mac & iPad or IPhone, then Safari is better, to which I agree. But if you only have one Apple device, then no, it's not.)

I find Safari horrible absolutely terrible in my Mac so I use chrome. On my iPhone Safari wins. Since I don't use my browser as intensively on the iPhone, I suffer with chrome so as to have all the benefits syncing included. I really tried Safari but recently gave up, it is way behind Chrome. Maybe with the next OSX update things get sorted out.

I use, and love, iCabMobile Browser (anyone tried it?). I'm wondering if Chrome is any better... thoughts?