Google Docs editing coming to iPad, it’s official

Google have announced that Google Docs editing is coming to the iPad in the next few weeks. The news comes via their Google Blog in a post about their Google Atmosphere Event in Paris France:

  • We’re launching new cloud-powered capabilities: two-step verification to help enhance security and soon, mobile editing in Google Docs on Android and the iPad™

Second, today we demonstrated new mobile editing capabilities for Google Docs on the Android platform and the iPad. In the next few weeks, co-workers around the world will soon be able to co-edit files simultaneously from an even wider array of devices.

Currently you can view Google Docs on the iPad but not edit, so this is great news especially after RIM recently purchased into DataViz which make Documents to Go, one of the best Office Suites available for the iPad, and now may be planning to be Blackberry exclusive. Makes me wish that I had got the 3G iPad now, oh well I am sure Apple will be planning a new model early next year, an upgrade is already on the horizon.

[Google Blog]

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Reader comments

Google Docs editing coming to iPad, it’s official


Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy. That last paragraph is a wasteland of missing punctuation and run-on sentences. We can do better.

Nice to see TiPb finally mention this--a day late and by an unofficial blogger--but the bogus, unverified tabloid report of Steve Jobs' Ninja stars went out immediately. Less coverage of self-promotional contests and wild rumors, and more real news coverage would be appreciated.

Re: "Makes me wish that I had got the 3G iPad now, oh well I am sure Apple will be planning a new model early next year, an upgrade is already on the horizon."
Why? What has this to do with Google Docs editing?

To expound a bit on my confusion, if document viewing (among other benefits) doesn't make the writer wish for the 3G (presumably over the wifi) iPad, why does document editing?

@West Editing Google Docs when you are out of WiFi reach is impossible as it is in the cloud, hence the need for a 3G connection!

@West, document viewing isn't very useful. I think he means that the ability to edit would make Google Docs finally viable for work and compelling enough to want full-time connectivity. Yes, his grammar could use a cleanup and he's not entirely clear, but kudos to him for covering relevant news.

@west I currently use Docs To Go which does not need any connectivity but does require the files to be stored on the device for this to work. A better solution for me personally would be to use Google Docs now that they have announced the upcoming feature of editing, this however would not be possible for me, unless I had an internet connection when I am away from a WiFi access point, that was all I meant.

Chris (and Webvex), thanks for taking the time to answer my question.
While I'm here, I will admit that, prior ton this article, I thought editing WAS possible on the iPad. It certainly is on my webOS phone. I couldn't imagine that wouldn't also be the case on this big boy.
As Jason (of BoL) said, though, vie already got the ability to edit. It was just way too hard to do so (harder than it used to be on the same device, even). Hopefully, that will change.

Not sure if this is rude, but I think this is one of the worst contest entries thus far. The very first sentence is a mess. I believe the first sentence should read "Google HAS announced...".

FWIW, I just confirmed that I can edit a Document on Google. It was a spreadsheet, for this that care.
Again, I don't LIKE the way it provides that functionality, but it IS there.

Sorry, Adam, you are incorrect. Google is known as a collective noun, most companies are, therefore the rule is that you can replace the name with "them" or "they." Proper grammar, then, is "they have" not "they has."

@Adam and @McSwan. You are both right. That's the difference in usage between American English and British English.

@MCSwan. I stand corrected. You will admit that this is not the best entry however, correct? The last paragraph is filled with run-on sentences.
@JR. Thank you very much. I did not know the difference.
I was just trying to give feedback. I am from the United States and I have never heard someone use "Google have..." in a sentence. To me, it sounds incorrect.