Google Drive for iOS update adds multiple account support, single sign-in

Google Drive for iOS update adds multiple account support, single sign-in

Google Drive for iOS has received a fairly significant update, adding support for single sign-in, multiple accounts and proper iOS 7 support. Single sign-in lets you sign in to a Google app just by selecting your account if you're signed in to another Google app already installed on your device. This has been rolling out slowly across Google's suite of iOS apps, and is particularly convenient for those of us using many different Google services.

Multiple account support lets you switch between personal, work, and other accounts as well, all within the same app. This update also has better printing support, letting you print files with either Google Cloud Print or AirPrint.

This free update is available now on the App Store. Is Google Drive your cloud storage portal of choice?

Joseph Keller

Joseph Keller is a news reporter for iMore. He's also chilling out and having a sandwich.

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oscaramzz says:

Finally! I use google drive for managing my files from my iPad to other computers I use at school. I am currently in a graduate program and I do a lot of note taking and printing at school so this definitely helps.

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Rolandh says:

I used to use Google Drive until Microsoft brought out Office 2013 and I started using that, It's currently my Cloud storage Portal of choice ATM, but I really want to get into the iWorks Suite and iCloud on my iPhone, but until allows Printing of Pages Documents it not viable for me as I'm currently using a Windows 8.1 Pro Laptop, maybe if I can save up the cash to get a Mac Book Pro I'll give it a go.