Will you use Google Drive? [Poll]

At long, long last Google has finally unveiled their cloud storage solution -- Google Drive. So will you use it? It took so long to get here that many of us have already gone all in on something else, either Dropbox, Box, SugarSync, or even the increasingly iPhone and iPad friendly Micorosoft SkyDrive. While iCloud isn't exactly the same kind of service, for casual users it might just be enough to negate the need for anything more.

That means getting people to switch from what they're already using to Google Drive might be a hard sell. We're creatures of habit, after all, and you need to offer us significant enticement to get us to change habits).

But does Google even need us to switch? Google Drive offers 5GB of free storage, and will increasingly be integrated into the Google Services many of us use every day. Many of us simply added iCloud to our existing cloud storage usage, after all. Many could just as easily add Google Drive. iOS device data and backups, and iTunes content in iCloud, our existing file shares in Dropbox, and a bunch of Google Docs and extra backups in Google Drive... why not?

There are privacy concerns, of course. Google has struggled with some of their new product launches, and their Terms of Service have been unfortunately worded at times, and some people -- rightly or wrongly -- have grown a little suspicious of Google and their constant desire to index and monetize our lives. Nothing is ever truly free, so we'll pay one way or another. Some prefer to pay with money, others with access to data -- we all have to do what makes us comfortable.

There's also no iPhone or iPad app yet. (Really? Google takes 5 years to release it and they still couldn't get the iOS app done in time?)

So what will it be, iMore nation? Does Google Drive have a place in your cloud storage life? Will it be your one-and-only, one-of-many, or nothing at all? Or are you going to wait and see how it works before deciding? Vote in the poll up top and then give me the details in the iMore Google Forums!

Google announces Google Drive, gives 5GB of free cloud storage to all users


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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

jdmoore1981 says:

I would never use it. I am trying to stay away from google. Maybe iCloud will bring the same in the future.

Brent says:

They should have added a "hell no" as the last choice.

Claudio Cerasoli says:

Not until Google changes the terms of conditions that now are making them owners of my files stored in google Drive, I don't want them to own them , view them or share them as they please, just not interested.

UndergroundWire says:

So s this OK?
You understand that in order to provide the Service and make your Content available thereon, Apple may transmit your Content across various public networks, in various media, and modify or change your Content to comply with technical requirements of connecting networks or devices or computers. You agree that the license herein permits Apple to take any such actions.
iCloud Agreements

9thwonder says:

the agreements are different but also apple doesn't have my documents cause they are not in icloud. All they got are my contacts. plus the google one specifically mentions a global right to make derivative works and to use my docs in promotions. that's not an issue with icloud cause i'm not ever gonna use them for docs plus it's not the same service as an online locker like these.

Oletros says:

They don't own your content nor they have claimed in the TOS that thing.

UndergroundWire says:

Neither does Google. But they can delete files. Both Apple and Google can do that.

Carioca32 says:

Skydrive offers basically the same thing, and regular users can upgrade to 25GB for free. For my iProducts I will not use Google's solution, but a Skydrive + iCloud solution, in other words, Microsoft all the way.

Yocko says:

Google has officially become the devil.

John C says:

NO- Since I want to be able to open my documents with a the native app. Currently it converts all your documents into their Google Docs format. Not very useful if you just want a place to store your files and be able to edit them from any computer. Dropbox may cost money, but it works and provides this feature. The other thing that sits in the back of my mind is how well Google will support this service. A lot of their services in my opinion are half baked. They seam started then never maintained. I don't want to commit my entire document library to this not knowing what to expect from Google.

Oletros says:

It doesn't convert automatically nothing.

UndergroundWire says:

It only has viewers for a lot of files. No conversion is done.

Haruhiko says:

It is not available here in Hong Kong. Is Google Drive currently only available in the US?

Steven Jobs says:

why should i use google when there are other alternatives out there, i.e. dropbox and box.net. I can do what I want with the files and they have an iOS app. I don't see the advantage.

UndergroundWire says:

Yes. I already use SugarSync, Dropbox, Box and iCloud. Only an idiot would say no to something free.

Osumailguy says:

Considering the terms and conditions ... I am moving away from Google for doc/drive storage - http://news.cnet.com/8301-1023_3-57420551-93/who-owns-your-files-on-goog...

Oletros says:

You have to read the updates to that article

PreMaster says:

I need to remove iCloud and just use real service providers. iCloud is really crummy, all it can do is synch up my pics to my home pc. And that is when my mac is turned on, and iPhoto isn't super buggy and iPhoto is launched and im near wifi.
Its just too many ifs. iCloud is a pain in the ass. I will gladly use another sync solution. I use box.net now and dropbox. Who really cares about the files anyway. Let google drive know how badly in debt I am from my spreadsheets. lol.

dloveprod says:

All my apps work very well with dropbox, only time I used google docs was for a school project because it was something that everyone in the group had.

MrCornfed says:

I've been using SkyDrive for years. 25GB free, and now the Mac and iPhone apps, what's not to like?

Inappropriate response says:

Zactly, plus I've got 14gb with Dropbox. ~ 40gb is enough online for me

Glenn#IM says:

iCloud works for me. It is not perfect, but works. I do not sync any doc info, because I do not trust any cloud service with sensitive information. Since Drive is an extension of Google Docs, would not really work for me. I do not use Google Docs. If it was a self standing program, then may be. I still wish there was a third party file system for the iPad, iPhone, like FileZ. Being able to access all my Palm files from one program was nice. That was a great little program.

eric6052 says:

I already use Dropbox and I like the service. I use Google Docs as well and since they're part of Drive I will be using drive as well but not exclusively.

ReddStuff says:

Where's the "No, but I don't use cloud storage of any kind." option? Not all of us are storing crap in the cloud.

Hm says:

I won't be using Google Drive and I don't much care for the iCloud yet either. Time will tell if that gets better, but for now, DropBox provides the seamless, easy experience I need.
On a perception level, I think Google has big and growing problems with a lot of its users on trust. To me it's like Facebook trying to do Cloud storage - too much information in one place. Perhaps you should run another poll - "Who do you trust more - Google or Facebook? Or neither." I'd be interested in the results of that!