Google Glass online orders are still apparently open

Google Glass

Update: Aaaaaaand it's gone. Google's store is now marked as out of stock.

Last week Google Glass ditched the invites and went on sale to anyone and everyone for just one day. That meant that whoever wanted to snag Glass could do so without any caveats, like having to sign up for the Explorer program or wait on an invite. While the Glass page is currently showing the program as closed once again, it appears that Glass may still be available for purchase directly from Google.

Heading to the shop Glass page here, you still have the option to buy Glass in a variety of colors — complete with complimentary frames or shades. Not a bad savings considering the add-ons go from $255 and up.

If you do plan on going through the process and making a purchase, just keep in mind that these may never land on your doorstep. While it's still the official Glass page and Google all over, we're not sure that the ordering is still open to everyone. If you do manage to get your order in, drop a comment and let us know!

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Adam Zeis

Mobile Nations Content Strategist

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Google Glass online orders are still apparently open

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