Google Hangouts update for iOS lets you share your mood with your friends

Google has pushed out another update to its Hangouts app for iPhone and iPad, and while we're not treated to all the goodies that the new Android version has, it does add a few new features including the ability to share your mood with your friends.

Device, in-call, and mood status: share what device you’re on, whether you’re in a call, or your current mood.

In-call notifications in particular are pretty useful to have, since that's probably the most likely time you're not wanting to be disturbed by anyone else. And yes, if you're feeling grumpy today, share that with a cute little icon to let everyone know. Grab the updated version of Hangouts from the App Store now. Are you a heavy Hangouts user?

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Google Hangouts update for iOS lets you share your mood with your friends

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Really wish they would add SMS sent to my Google Voice number. Right now VoIP calls ring in (the nicely designed for iOS 7) Hangouts, while SMS goes to the (eye-searingly ugly and outdated) Google Voice app. Give us GV users a unified experience, Google!

Updating Google Voice? Who needs that, when I can share my mood with my friends? Clearly, your priorities are in the wrong place.


A lot of posts over at Android Central have indicated that GV/Hangouts integration is slated for early 2014. That's for Android, anyway, and I hope you guys get it, too. I love the GV service and I don't intend on changing from my GV number, but holy mother of god, is the app ever ugly as sin.

Why would I want to share my mood with anyone? I don't care anything for Google Hangouts. Just no use for it. I don't even like Google .

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