Google hosting Maps event just before WWDC where it will probably sulk about the iOS break-up

Google hosting Maps event just before WWDC where it will probably sulk about the iOS break-up

Google has just announced that they're holding an announcement event for Maps directly before Apple's World Wide Developer Conference next week. The timing of June 6 isn't entirely a surprise since we're expecting the announcement of iOS 6 to include Apple's own Maps infrastructure in the place of Google's.

This is a pretty big deal, since the iPhone has been using the Google Maps engine since the very beginning of iOS. Google and Apple have been understandably drifting apart over the last couple of years as Android has gained prominence. That said, one can expect that the Google Maps announcement will be directly competing with Apple's for attention, and tactically aimed at deflating some of the excitement that iOS 6 maps will offer.

I can only wonder how much longer YouTube will remain a prominent preload given the strained relationship between Apple and Google. Who else could Apple reasonably partner with for video, or search for that matter? I can't picture Bing being the default search engine in Safari for iOS, but it sure would be neat to see Vimeo take YouTube's place. If Google loses its footing as a core part of the iOS experience, will they still maintain a presence in the App Store, or will they try to go to the mobile web with everything, like they did with Voice once upon a time?

Of course, nothing is official just yet - we don't even know for sure if Apple and Google are breaking up over maps. Who knows? Maybe Google is still a part of the picture somehow, even with all of Apple's direct involvement.

Source: AndroidCentral

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Google hosting Maps event just before WWDC where it will probably sulk about the iOS break-up


Apple sucks and will only get worse as long as more iSheep join the herd. Looking forward to BlackBerry 10 so I can break free of this jailed ecosystem.

Kind of childish.. Sulk? I don't understand why they would sulk.. seems like Google is doing fine.

This may shock some people but there are MANY iOS users who depend on Google services like Maps, Gmail, even YouTube, etc. We'll be sulking along with Google if the rumors are true.

Google Maps- very established, very reliable and already dominant on mobile and PCs.
Apples Maps- unknown reliability, a mix-match of other companies.
I understand the reasoning behind getting their own mapping solution, but I doubt it can be better than what Google currently offers or even what Google will offer.
As far as video and search? Alex, what are you smoking???
Google has am iron fisted grip on search. And with the inevitable inclusion of Chrome, that will only increase.
You Tube is staple. No way are millions of people going to go back and re upload billions of videos to Apple.
Again, the reasoning may be sound, but Apple isn't stupid. They test the waters before making a move. Thus, the Map situation. They saw an opening that could work. It would take years before they could even consider letting go of Google Search and You Tube.

While my gut tells me I agree with you, the fact is, there is a whole "raised on the Internet" generation coming. Chrome started the mainstream use of the omnibar in browsers (I know other browsers had it first, Safari is getting it with Mountain Lion. Where the info comes from is becoming less important than the fact that you are getting the information.
My kids first place to search? The iPhone/iPod/iPad search tool. My daughter uses it for everything! Granted, now that defaults to Google, but it isn't so hard to see the day, maybe even with iOS 7 (when the 4S with Siri will be the free phone) that all search results are stripped of any identifying data, the Apple servers search everywhere (google, bing, lycos, yahoo, wolfram alpha, etc) and we just get our results.
Remember, this is the one and only reason Goolge has Android! It can't afford to give up the revenue from search. The world is changing, and those growing up with the Internet aren't going to care where they get the info, just that they get it.
I know it is hard for us to imagine, but we grew up before the Internet. My daughters (7 & 9) have never lived in a house without high speed Internet. My 7 year old has never lived in a house without wifi and an iPod. This stuff is part of their environment. A nessecity.

You misspelled "I" in the headline, Simon. You added a "t" by mistake.
Don't worry, we understand what you meant.

Is this a typical "newspaper" setup, where the authors do not get to write their own headlines? The article is informative and straightforward, with some speculation, but not the petulance of the headline. Childishness aside, it is an odd disconnect, where the headline does not seem to accurately represent the article it represents.

You are so far gone it is hilarious. The editors must not have seen this before you posted. lmbo.
Google probably scheduled it with purpose for timing but you think the event is so they can sulk? Please.
Open your eyes dude! There is a story here but sulking isn't it. Step up your game. [not being sarcastic, seriously step up your game and write worthy articles]

Seriously. I saw this article pop up in three different streams each with a headline that implied a different stance. This one claiming Google to be sulking, the general tech blog saying Google is going to show up Apple, and the Android blog that gave a neutral, informative headline.

I think it's highly likely that Google will, at some point, offer a standalone version of Google Maps in the App Store.

I've heard that Apple's application of their "no apps that duplicate native functionality" policy is inconsistent but do you really think they'll allow this?
I sure hope so, because I'd hate to lose the convenience that I get, using Google Maps - despite its shortcomings on iOS.
At least Google hasn't been resting on its laurels (whatever those are). They made the web-based versions of their apps much more iOS-friendly in the past couple of years so one could still use Google Maps that way. It'd just be, again, less convenient.

Anti-trust and anti-competitive is Apple's nature of things. Unless Apple intends to kill off all other GPS apps in the iOS App Store then they will have very little ground to stand on in denying a stand alone app, not that it will keep Apple from doing just that.
If Apple intends to replace Google Maps, then fine who cares I use TomTom or Garmin on my iOS devices already and will simply add Google Maps (IF its available) down the road.

The fact that you're stating that a company is holding a press event just to "sulk" makes you lose all credibility. Your article had good information, the title killed it though. Don't let your editor screw you over next time.

Dearest Simon,
Knowing that you are an Apple Fanboy (obviously since you work for a site dedicated to it), I don't understand the meaning behind your headline and some of the comments made in the article. Sulk? You actually think that Google is going to Sulk at this event? I didn't see the title of the event as, "Apple is leaving us and we are depressed and are going to sulk Event". They are clearly going to introduce a new addition to Google Maps which will be light years ahead of anything Apple will release. It will take Apple many years to be where Google Maps is now. I just don't like the fact that you would even write anything like this. I really hope your editors will proofread your articles from now on and change the password that allows you to upload your own articles on this site. Sorry for the long rant, but your journalistic integrity has now been officially lost.

Everyone commenting the title stinks should get a grip on life and find a sense of humour if it's not too late for you. Relax a little bit will ya!

I can see Apple looking at it like this - the YouTube app is an Apple app, not a Google one. Apple seems to like Vimeo, and I can see them including a Vimeo app on the OS, or just letting folks figure out their own video solution for iOS. This may be strategic on Apple's part to suggest that if Google is so great at web, let them settle with the current web interface to YouTube or submit their own app for folks to use.

Re: If Google loses its footing as a core part of the iOS experience, will they still maintain a presence in the App Store, or will they try to go to the mobile web with everything, like they did with Voice once upon a time?
Larry Page has said that web-based Chrome OS is essential to Google's future. He also said that Android is not essential to Google's future in his testimony during the Oracle trial.
So I think the answer is yes. Google will "try to go to the mobile web with everything" in the long run. The better to spam you with ads. (Google Glass being the prime example of a pervasive mobile ad-spam device.)

Kind of like Apple announcing Flash built apps will be denied right before [literally, a day or so] Adobe announced CS5 with AIR for iOS?
Ok...I see what you mean. Great point.

@Inappropriate Response, because its a free market, and they can announce things whenever they want?
Google has years of a head start on Apple in the maps department. It's going to be laughable to see what product Apple pushes out. Cutting edge features like 3D? Besides the fact that Google Maps already has this, the lack of data to back up Apple in general for maps is going to be hilarious.
And suggesting that they partner with Microsoft instead...ORLY? You are aware that Microsoft is a direct competitor of Apple right? You may have heard of this thing called the Windows Phone Mobile OS. Sure, it's not much right now, but who knows what the future holds. Partnering with one competitor over another is surely an asinine move.

To the utter annoyance of Apple fans, Microsoft has been a close Apple partner and ally. To see proof of that one need to look no farther than the continuing effort to develop Office for Mac, iCloud running on MS Azure, the current lack of lawsuits between Microsoft and Apple and the ideological alignment between both companies in every recent major issue.
All this without even mentioning Microsofts timely support of Apple at the time of the near bankruptcy.

First off, your headline is why so many people call you iDrones. Secondly, this is a very interesting leap for Apple. Google has years and years and years of indexed map data and its integrated all throughout its platforms. I positive Apple will build a nice app but how will it compete with Google Maps? Why try to fix what isn't broken??? BTW, dear apple...its a crying shame you haven't provided a turn-by-turn (think tom-tom) navigation system integrated throughout your platform. Imagine what Zoey could do with that!? "Sir, Drive me to the playground!"

sulk? Please Google already has a much better app on android for maps and I am sure they are going to improve on that. I honestly can't see apple's map app blowing google maps out of the water, those things just don't happen over night. Maybe google is working on a stand alone app for in the app store on IOS.

Wow, what a childish article title! Sulk ??
Can you guys put down the damn koolaid once and for all and realize that Google is simple much much better when it comes to maps ?
Theyre just trying to show off something new exciting and the timing is perfect, cause right when Apple is about to show that they have finally managed to create a halfass map application for iOS, Google will show us something that will make Apple think twice about the "break-up" ! So there might be some sulking, but it wont be Google ;)
I love my iPhone, but I am not a blind fanboy and I do like the competition and I give credit to Google for being the best when it comes to Mapping!

Can Apple really create a map app, or will it be like Siri, in beta for years to come. "well its in beta you know" gets to be really old. Reference YouTube, there is really nothing to replace its hold. It would be nice to see Apple upgrade it. I did notice something on the iPhone. If you add a YouTube icon to the phone, it used to open up the mobile version,, where you had better search options. I used it the other day, and it defaulted to the older apple YouTube. I had to open it in Safari to get the regular YouTube. May be iOS 5.1.1.

Well said kind Sir.
As far as YouTube , go to then add that to your home screen ;)

Sounds like he's just using a little humor in the headline to me, doesn't even mention how good Apple's new map app might be. Seems like a lot of over reaction to this article just telling about Google making a announcement before Apple makes theirs. No matter what, everyone knows google would love to keep all iDevices using google for the hits.I in know way think they are scared of Apples maps, at least not for a long time.

Not true at all. Get back to us when you make sense ;)
Love my iPhone but hate extreme fanboyism from certain people here.

Anyone who thinks Apple have developed their own mapping solution just to reduce reliance on Google, or as retribution for them starting Android, doesn't really understand Apple at all. The reason Apple have taken on maps is because it's a highly important function on a modern mobile device and they feel they can do something different and better than Google in the area, plus they can control and integrate it more fully with iOS which benefits many other aspects of the OS (Siri-based turn-by-turn navigation, geotagging, location aware settings and more)
YouTube, translate, search, gmail and all the other Google services will remain just as they are. Do not fret people.

Title is ridiculous. Really hate the over-bias in this place.
If Apple insist on doing maps, that's fine. They better make it pretty damn good though, because maps is one of my most used apps, and I'm happy to leave the platform to keep it functioning well.
On a side note, Vimeo is a joke.

To say Vimeo is a joke is an over statement. I urge you to try this the next time your in public. Ask someone do they know what YouTube is. Then ask them the same about Vimeo.......

I like this news. I think Google need Apple more then they do Android. After all they do make more money off of the iPhone. I myself try to never use anything google if I don't have to.

Anyone think that Google just wants to announce the new version of Maps themselves, ahead of WWDC, and this new version will be on the overhauled iOS 6 Maps app? Dang, Apple buys a few mapping companies and everyone jumps to conclusion that they're gonna completely replace Maps, and by connection, all Google services on iOS. Just my two cents.

What I'm really worried about is if I choose not to upgrade to ios6 will the maps app still work or will they just shut it down all together. It pisses me off that they never updated the maps app and that now they're going to possibly release an even inferior version.. Sigh if only there were other os' that were as reliable

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