Google+ for iPhone and Android update improves photo sharing, posting, location sharing, and more

Google+ for iPhone and Android update improves photo sharing, posting, location sharing, and more

If you use Google+ on your iPhone, you'll want to keep your eyes out for an update that will make sharing content, posting photos, and managing communities even easier. The update promises that you'll be able to do more in less time and have stricter control over your content when posting.

When posting photos, you'll now have the ability to edit them natively within the Google+ app by adding filters, rotating, and cropping. The view profile section has also been tweaked and presents information in a much more streamline way. Anyone who has communities set up has probably noticed there wasn't much interaction or ways to control what posts you see via the app. With the update you'll now be able to control how many posts feed into your main stream via communities.

Updates to location information including being able to only share location with certain circles. For example, if you'd like only your family and close friends to see your location information, you can set those circles in that way while leaving other circles without location information attached. That way, the way people view your profile will differ and the ones you choose to share location information on posts, the ones you share it with will see that information underneath your post.

To see all the changes including screenshots of how changes will look, hit the link below.

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Google+ for iPhone and Android update improves photo sharing, posting, location sharing, and more


Yup. My brother is an all-out Google fanatic and is super annoyed with how the iOS versions of googles core apps look better and in some cases are more functional than the android equivalents. He is especially jealous of the animation that occurs when doing a pull-down-to-refresh action in the iOS Google+ app.

This is a nice update, I love the new layout. You no longer have to scroll through the menu and your personal page and options are easier to notice and get to. Notifications are now right there one click away from your main feed and I think the new slide motion for new stories coming into the feed is a little gimmicky but overall nice. Great update, now I still just need to be able to sort my feed by most recent stories.

For those of you using google+, what does it offer you above FaceBook and Twitter? I now the hangout feature is cool and I've used that for fantasy sports drafts, but what else is there to offer?

What does any other social network offer you that another doesn't? Twitter it's easier to follow celebrities but at the cost of post space, Facebook doesn't show you everything and everyone you "like" or are friends with but you can post the crap out of anything. Google gives you a fun layout and makes it easier to "hangout" with people. But most of all, all social networks just offer a different layout, best advice, download it, login with Google and try it out, don't like it? No problem delete, it's free.

A couple of things:

Circles. You either love them or you hate them, but they make it much simpler to group people by interest in Google+ than other networks, create clutter-free feed views, and, most importantly, share only to specific group(s) and people. I also find discussions are better on Google+ than on Facebook, but that is because I have pretty carefully tailored circles of people with good signal-to-noise ratios.

That said, social is fundamentally about the people, not the features. If the people you want to connect with are not on Google+, you will be disappointed in Google+.

Google+ gives you a couple things Facebook can't in my opinion.
1. Hangouts
2. A cleaner and fresher design mostly free of annoying FB ads and farmvillesque crap
3. A chance to start over in terms of who you actually want to connect with. I'm pretty sure FB has some sort of groups that are similar to circles now but for those who have hundreds if not thousands of friends its hard to put all them into some sort of defined groups. Also this feature in FB is impossible to find and hard to use.
4. FB has annoying instabilities
5. FB is constantly changing stuff in what i think is annoying ways.

Lastly i'd like to say that none of this matters because hardly anyone you know uses Google+ with any sort of frequency so no matter how annoying FB is it will always be better than G+ unless more of the people YOU know make the transition.

Google is a good idea... But it was dead when it was released. Only because they took too much time ans facebook was all over the place. The only solution to ser google emerge is if fb closeā€¦ which won't be happening soon.

I really wish Google caught on: it's much cleaner and less buggy than Facebook in terms of mobile apps and they're updates actually include features rather than just bug fixes like most of Facebook's updates. Unfortunately for it, until the general public comes over, it's just a pretty interface with nothing to do except interact with the tech community/enthusiasts.

I don't know what it's going to take to get Google+ up and running. With minimal users on the site, these updates are meaningless. It's no fun only getting to connect with yourself. They need to differentiate between Facebook and offer some readily available features that would compete against Twitter. Until they do BOTH, Google+ is actually quite useless.

Looks really great and love the design. Personally wanna ditch Facebook and adopt to google but none of my friends use ...

Looks really great and love the design. Personally wanna ditch Facebook and adopt to google but none of my friends use ...

I have my YouTube account linked, that's pretty much the extent of my activity on G+......never had Facebook, so don't need a "replacement" for that & I'm quite happy with Tumblr, Twitter, & Instagram as my only social networks.

I don't think I've touched G+ since I set it up. But being able to control what I see would be a positive. I do know that of the 4 people I know using it, all of them said you could not control the feed at all, and that made them less likely to touch the app. So perhaps this will make them happy.

I don't really use G+ that much; however the update seems amazing. I really don't think G+ will 'truly' take off until Google Babble gets merged with G+. If they plan on making babble a separate entity, that would be pretty stupid. This would be a great way to boost G+ and connect people across all devices.

Too bad people focus on the social-Facebook aspect of Google .
I view it as finally unifying the various google products with a single login and feature set (Picasa

The jury is still out for me on G . I think it's a valid social platform, but I can only effectively use so many channels until I become ineffective in the digital space. I'm heavily leveraging Twitter for blogging connections while maintaining personnel relationships w/ family and friends on Facebook. I can't be everywhere at once, but I'd like to use Google better. Maybe the updated app will help.

I like Google+ however only two of my friends and family use it. Everyone I know is on Facebook. Kinda pointless to use a social network when my social crowd isn't there. :(

I've only recently really started to use Google+ and man it is a nice app!

I never really found use for G+ before, but I use it as a sort of newsreader and it works great for that. Mostly geeks there to provide my iOS, Android, etc. news!

The new loading screen looks beautiful and clicking on a post now makes a "drop + pop" effect which looks really nice.

G is really only good for the handouts and the on air features. Better than Skype since someone has to be on a premium plan to be able to have a conference. Wouldn't be surprised if google started charging foot it or did away with G a long ways down the road.... #RIPGooglereader