Google+ for iPhone gets a facelift

Google+ for iPhone gets a facelift

Recently, Google gave their social network, Google+, a complete makeover on its website, but the iOS app was still left in the cold. However, today, Google+ for iPhone received an well needed facelift.

The new user interface is entirely different to its predecessor, opting for a sleek black theme across the app. The stream now displays larger images with larger profile images so you can easily who is posting, or sharing. They’ve removed the old side-by-side navigation of ‘circles’ and replaced it with a simple single drop down menu which makes it much easier to change which circle you are viewing, so you can view the posts from the people who are important to you.

Google+ app update screenshots

One massive update is that you can now finally start ‘Hangouts’ on the go through the messenger. Just start a conversation with a single friend or circle; and then tap on the ‘camera’ icon.

Unfortunately, there is still no sign of an iPad app.

Will this iPhone app update get you interested in Google+ again?

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Trusttee says:

Google+ had an opportunity to build a very large base in a short period of time. Instead, the went the invite route for far too long and the steam ran out too early to keep the focus on it. Now, as an invited Google+ user, I can say that this was a missed opportunity that will end up costing Google more to maintain than the revenues it will generate. Back to Facebook...ugh, I hate Facebook.

Eric says:

Hate to say it, but you might be right and I love google+

Jo3Bingham says:

It's so beautiful now. Too bad I have no friends that actively use it. :\

AJ_Watson says:

Couldn't agree more.. This really could have been something. And i hold out hope. But i fear it's too little too late.. Ugghh Stuck with FB

Andrew Holybee says:

so true so true if only we could get the selectively social concept out there instead of the overshare we have on facebook sigh

alsaydali says:

Too bad how they still don.t support the IPad, no wonder way still my contacts empty so i deactiv it.

Dev says:

This is a fantastic update, with most every issue from the first few iterations addressed. Well done, Google -- hope it is not too late...

Darkmx2000 says:

Honestly if they can hurry up and update the Android app they may be able to save themselves seeing that it's a Google service I don't quite understand how we got the update first but I'm not going to complain :-) but all my Android friends are eagerly awaiting there update, once they get it we might see it flurish again but this should have been done a long time ago. I'm really starting to get sick of Facebook but oh we'll until a suitable contender comes and dethrones it I'm stuck :-(

mustangboy88 says:

Is there a way to download the instant upload photos on my G+ account to my phone? All I get is a share option.

tape_ says:

Google+ is still a thing that exists?

dloveprod says:

It looks nice, iPad support would be nice, might get it some much needed attention.