Google launches native Google Translate app for iPhone

Google Translate for iPhone

Earlier today Google announced the official release of Google Translate for iPhone, a native iOS app that allows you to "speak to translate" in 15 different languages, with output support for up to 50 languages. Simply speak into your iPhone and the app will translate your speech into a number of different languages, even reading the text aloud for you!

  • Translate text between 57 languages
  • Translate by speaking the text instead of typing it (15 languages)
  • Listen to your translations spoken aloud (23 languages)
  • Display translations in full screen mode to make it easier for others nearby to read
  • Star your favorite translations for quick access even when you’re offline
  • Access your translation history even when you’re offline
  • Spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji)
  • View additional dictionary results for single words or short phrases

Google Translate was previously available for iPhone but only through a webapp interface. With Google switching to a fully native version this lets users access a few additional features not available in the HTML5 version. It's pretty fun to use and it would make a great sidekick if you're traveling to a foreign country where you aren't familiar with the native language.

Give it a try and let us know what you think in the comments below!

[free -- iTunes via Google Mobile Blog]

Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

flyingember says:

now people will insult you online in random languages

iFizzgig says:

This app is just awesome!

djanark2000 says:

Works great, just tried it. It limits you to 100 characters spoken aloud but for most useful phrases this will work fine. Most, but not all, of the languages are able to be spoken aloud which Im sure will come with an update but most all of the common ones are able to be spoken aloud. Its very intuitive and quick. Great app!

nmg196 says:

I can't find it in the UK app store... Only 3rd party apps appear if I search for Google Translate on the iPhone.

tsuehpsyde says:

@NickG: Type this into your browser on your phone:
Should take you to the app. I couldn't find it searching, so I went URL shrink with it. =)

FLskydiver says:

We're getting very close to actual Babel fish. Thanks, big G.

fastlane says:

I don't trust it.
I'd order salmon in French, and the waiter would bash my teeth in for calling him a jackass.
No thanks.

(Copy of) Dev says:

I got the same response speaking into the iOS app as I did typing on the webapp:
As a French speaker, I'd say you are safe...unless the waiter has some other reason for thinking you a jacakss :D

fastlane says:

Ha... he probably would, you're right.
Well, I don't speak other languages, but I've read several criticisms of translators giving entirely incorrect meanings because they don't know how to rearrange the words in the order that another language requires in order to have the same meaning. For example, you can type in "I love music" and re-translate the other language's result back to English and get "love music me".
I just never have any luck with them.

(Copy of) Dev says:

Just playing with you - I don't trust them much either. My Hungarian wife tells me the translations are iffy, so perhaps Google works better on more popular languages. Or maybe they just like escargots more than goulash :)

west3man says:

Loving it - although it fell short when I said, "How many cars are in the parking lot?"

rpgmind says:

Wow. I'm gonna have to make a 'google' folder now!!!

Ilovegeorgia says:

I feel you on that one bro haha.

LozBlanko says:

It seems to be excellent! ...although I'm waiting for my foreign friends to reply. If their replies make sense I guess this is going to be revolutionary.

Steve Jobs says:

the app works great. it is great for our app store.
thanks, steve
sent from my iPad2

Ilovegeorgia says:

I think some people at google are using an iPhone haha because they have brought a lot of their great services to us out of nowhere. We got google translate, voice, latitude, shopper, places, goggles in google mobile, pretty soon we will get google nav.

dloveprod says:

Very nice and accurate. My google folder is filling up quick.

ekie84 says:

you iphone's doesnt deserve google apps

zero credibility says:

..just like the world doesn't deserve your intellect. You do know that google makes money from you using their apps right ?

SteveC says:

I played with it for a while last night - For me, it's a "keeper"!

T-Mobile iPhone User says:

Damn I wish I had this last week in Japan.
But I bet you need a data connection, yes? (I had my data connection off and there's basically no wi-fi there.)
Still, nice app!

Maggie says:

I love it, but I don't know if it will use long distance data charges when you are out of the country? Or does it only work in wifi in which case charges will not apply?

Poetry says:

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TechKid says:

This is a great application but the 2.4.1. version in android is much better,, i have been using google translate a lot of times already and it is a really great help.. I have been able to get thru some quick conversation here in Japan with the help of this app. I just wish the 2.4.1. version be released real soon for iphone/ipad!!!

speechtrans trans says:

Hi Andrew..
Wow, the app has some of the awesome features. Its great to know about the iPhone translation app. Check out for more translation apps.