Google login now unified between YouTube and Adsense iOS apps

With the release of the version 2.0 update for YouTube, Google it seems has slipped something in with perhaps more far reaching connotations; unified logins. Anyone who has both the latest YouTube app and the Google Adsense app for iOS can now log in to one of the apps, and find their account ready to go on the other. From 9to5Mac:

Google appears to have turned on shared account logins for at least YouTube and the recently released AdSense app. That means logging into one app will automatically log you into the other without having to re-enter your account and password.

For those of us who use 2-step authentication in particular, this is of massive convenience, and is hopefully something Google is 'soft-launching' ahead of a roll-out to all their iOS apps. On Android, you take it for granted that you have a unified login to all the Google applications, because it's just there, but it isn't something iOS users have thus far been privy to.

We'll be keeping our eyes peeled for any expansion to this for sure. What do you think of it though; would it be a great time saving tool for you?

Source: 9to5Mac

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Reader comments

Google login now unified between YouTube and Adsense iOS apps


This explains why my previously-failed attempts to login to the YouTube app are now working. I wouldn't be prompted for the second step of two-step and the login would simply fail.

Unfortunately the same thing is happening with YouTube on AppleTV. Hopefully that update is forthcoming. Thanks for the info!

You forgot to mention the Gmail app, that's how I automatically logged into the updated YouTube 2.0

The unified login really drains my battery a lot faster for some reason now since if I login to either google plus, maps, chrome or YouTube I'm login to all of them now