Google makes Quickoffice free

Google makes Quickoffice free

Quickoffice, the mobile productivity app acquired by Google last year, is now free. Quickoffice lets you create and edit Microsoft Office documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on iOS devices. Users can already integrate their Google Drive accounts for easy access to all of those files as well. Additionally, any Quickoffice user who signs in with their Google account before September 26 will get and extra 10GB of free Google Drive space. That storage will be added to applicable accounts over the next few weeks.

Source: Google Drive Google+ page, via Android Central

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Google makes Quickoffice free


Well, from the first few files I tried? None. Two files I opened I was told I could view in quick office, but had to use google drive to edit.

So once I get my 10 free gigs? Deleting it.

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curious, What happens to your data if you're using it when 2 years is up. For example, you have 15gbs, get 10gbs extra for a totals of 25gbs. Then say are using all 25gbs for two years. What happens to that 10gbs extra data that your using at the moment two years is up? Do they delete it, block your account, block the last 10gbs uploaded? I've always wondered. Me i got 15gs and i'm barely using it, plus skydrive, sugarsync, and box storage space so it's not an issue but i'm curious.

It's free, yes, but they dropped support for Dropbox, Box, Evernote (and everything other than Drive) which is where most of my data exists. Therefore, I'll be using the versions I paid for (once on iPhone and then on iPad, plus an Android version) until those stop working. Dropbox support actually stopped working on the iPhone version several months ago. It used to be a great solution for managing documents no matter where you stored them. Then Google bought them and this is the result.

Did you read the one paragraph article at all?

"That storage will be added to applicable accounts over the next few weeks."

Nope. I found out about it hours before this article was posted and tried expecting my extra. They never said over the next few weeks their either. but ok.

The free iWork apps are only for newly purchase iOS devices. It would be great if this encourages Apple to make them free for all iOS users.