Google Maps for iOS updates with faster navigation, more languages

Google Maps for iOS updates with faster navigation, more languages

Google Maps for iOS has been updated, with faster navigation and support for more languages. In addition to faster navigation, a route and traffic overview around your destination is available right from the initial search, without the need to enter any additional information.

A new Tips & Tricks menu is available from the sidebar. It takes you to a webpage with different instructions for Google Maps, including finding a business, dropping a pin, and saving addresses. Arabic and Hebrew are also supported with this update, including voice guidance where it is available. There are also a number of bug fixes. The update is now available on the App Store.

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Reader comments

Google Maps for iOS updates with faster navigation, more languages


Interestingly it still uses the ios6 keyboard so i can assume it is still an ios6 app? Doesn't seem to really affect anything though.

Stick with Apple Maps. At least it gives decent directions and find the correct address more often than Google Maps app! Google has given locations that are miles away from their true location. Updating their App won't improve it's accuracy.

Much of any maps app's review regarding accuracy is going to depend on where you live. I have found Apple Maps to be wildly inaccurate compared with the Google Maps that I've been using reliably for the past 10-ish years (6 on the iPhone).

I totally agree with you guys but then why Rene is saying different on this latest post?

See the google maps section:
I'd been using Google Maps because they provided better search results. Sometime earlier this year, however, Google stopped announcing the exit numbers, at least in my area. They also started getting the names of the exists wrong. Montreal has goofy street names as it is, and our highway system is one of the oldest on the continent. It's a mess, and Google stopped being able to help me make sense of it. Apple Maps announces the exit number loud and clear, right away. Maybe Google will revert the change or error. Maybe they already have. But Apple Maps is now working well enough in my area that I haven't needed to find out.