Google Maps for iOS will now show you your flight, hotel and restaurant reservations

Google has bumped Google Maps for iOS up to version 2.5.0 and with it brought some neat new additions for folks in selected locations. Maps will now pull information from your Gmail account and show you your flight, hotel and restaurant reservation information. When you search for your related airport, hotel or restaurant, Maps will auto-populate the location information with your own details.

The same features rolled out to desktop Maps users earlier in the year, and the mobile version at present seems limited to selected locations. In Europe it seems to be a no-go, while folks in Australia, New Zealand and the U.S. seem to be receiving the new stuff as part of this update. Anyone not getting it will just see a bug fix update for this latest version of Maps.

Has anyone put this to use so far on desktop Maps? How did you find it and are you happy to see it come to mobile? If you're anywhere else seeing this not mentioned, be sure to let us know where you are in the comments!

Richard Devine

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dalaen says:

"Maps will now pull information from your Gmail account and show you your flight, hotel and restaurant reservation information." What about NO? o_o

I'm usually not criticizing privacy issues, but reading your mail is a little bit too much invasive.

Richard Devine says:

It isn't much different to a service like TripIt doing the same though, is it? And besides, if Google wants to read your Gmail, it'll read your Gmail...rightly or wrongly

n3rfh3rd3r says:

As long as you can opt-out to the integration, it could be a nice feature. If you use Gmail to any degree you know that you are the product and that Google is merely providing a service - one to you for messaging and another to them and advertisers in order to more easily identify you for targeting advertising and relevant content.

technomom says:

Of course you can opt out. That's always the way Google does things. In fact, for GMail connection to search, you have to specifically opt in. It does not do it by default.

iGeneration4 says:

Still better than Apple Maps.

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Becjr says:

Maybe Google should make 1 "ultra" app that contains all of their services wrapped into one little bundle. Just call it...

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Rowanova says:

I strongly feel they are already working on such a solution. May be a while before it happens, but I think we'll see it in the future. And Google won't be the only one going this route.

asuperstarr says:

Wow! That is a great feature. Google is definitely improving on there service and making the product more valuable.

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