Google Maps takes your trips offline; Adds lane guidance, saved places and more

Google Maps has been updated to include lane guidance, search result filters, and Uber integration. Also, high profile destinations now let you drop down to Street View to get up close and personal, save them for offline viewing, get access to easier directions, and get quick access to saved spot across multiple locations. Oh, and transit directions will show you how long you're going to be walking too.

This is a pretty beefy update to what is arguably one of Google's most important apps. Given, Google's done some fun goofy stuff with Maps like a Pokemon challenge, it's still hard to find a better online navigation experience. Have you been looking forward to any of these new features? What would you like to see in Google Maps for mobile?

Source: Google Lat Long

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Google Maps takes your trips offline; Adds lane guidance, saved places and more


Great update, however they still don't let you access saved locations from 'My Maps'.

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How I miss the days of native Google integration, specifically the Maps. This update is awesome! Wish that it could integrate with the iPhone (i.e. "Siri, take me to _____." And launches the Google Maps app).

That is an iOS 8 want! The ability to customize what handles what.

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Nah. Google Maps is the only service I find plausible to switch OS's, I just want better integration in the one I own now. iOS. ;-P

One way you can get this to sort of work, is to ask Siri to give you directions to ____ "via transit". Since Apple maps doesn't provide transit directions, it gives you a choice of which other mapping apps you have installed that support transit directions. Select Google Maps from the list. Google Maps will open up and show options for routes via transit, but at the top, there is a selector that lets you select CAR, TRANSIT, WALKING, etc. Select CAR instead of TRANSIT and it recalcs your route via car. Then you're good to go. Yes, it takes a few extra clicks, but it's still quicker than opening up Google Maps and typing in what you are looking for.

I don´t have an iPhone anymore, but I remember lane guidance being somewhat available (Apple Maps gave much better step by step than Google Maps), ETA was also a feature, it seemded to be more accurate and I loved how it showed up on the lock screen. I thought Apple Maps became quite good to be honest. Except for those who use public transit I think most people desire for Google Maps is more nostalgic than anything else.

Love the Google voice search feature! I've been asking them for this for quite some time and it's great to see that it's finally been incorporated.

I wish Apple Maps was closed to. If Apple Maps gets better and Siri integration, I'll definetely go back for it. And another important point... Apple Maps still haven't turn-by-turn spoken directions in Brazil. Another point for Google.

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*I wish Apple Maps was closed to IT.
*Apple Maps still haven't GOTTEN turn-by-turn spoken directions...

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It seems like the old trick "ok maps" doesn't work anymore since Google asks to register in order to cache the maps and use them offline... Great move to lock more (iPhone/iPad) customers to their services.