Google Offers for iPhone review

Google Offers for iPhone review

Google offers is a Groupon-like service that offers huge discounts on things like restaurants, spas, travel, auto care, services, and more. The app is very well designed and offers many opportunities for users to save a good chunk of money on things they are in the market for -- or spend money on things they wouldn't have otherwise purchased.

Google Offers has a very pretty design and shows off a featured deal at the top of the Featured tab with a big, full-width photo and title. Underneath that hero offer is a list of more featured offers in your area. A picture thumbnail is on the left with a short description of the deal on the right including the business involved and location.

Speaking of "in your area", Google Offers only provides offers to big cities. Even though Monterey, Salinas, and Santa Cruz aren't tiny little California towns, the closest city to me that's supported by Google Offers is San Jose. This almost makes Google Offers completely useless to me. I say "almost" because some of the deals come from only venders.

Tapping on an offer will display it's photo and title nice and big like the main featured deal. It will also give more details about the deal including the time remaining to purchase the deal, the dates you can redeem the deal, the vendor's location, Restrictions, and a detailed description of The Deal.

Know the fine print

As with every deal, you always need to ask yourself "what's the catch?" With Google Offers, that main catch is that the "promotional value must be redeemed in one (1) visit." This is important to remember when encountering deals like $12 for $25 at a coffee shop or restaurant where you may not normally spend $25 (or even $12) in one visit. As long as you shop smart, you can get some really good deals - just make sure you read the Restrictions and details of every deal before making a commitment.

The good

  • Pretty design
  • Lots of great offers

The bad

  • Only includes big major cities
  • Offers must be redeemed in one visit

The bottom line

Google Offers is a great way to get good deals, providing that you're smart on purchases that you make and that you live near a city that is supported.

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Google Offers for iPhone review


I checked this out, I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and of course Cincinnati was not included it would only give me offers for Indianapolis, so of course I deleted it.