Photowall for Chromecast puts your memories on the big screen

Google has today pulled the wraps off its latest Chrome experiment, Photowall, that takes your pictures and puts them on the biggest screen in the house. Using an iOS app, Android app or the Chrome browser, you and your friends and family can send photos through Chromecast to the TV in real time.

The iOS app actually hit the the App Store this morning but it seems that there have been some issues getting it running throughout the day. Besides just sending photos to create a giant collage on your TV you can also use the apps to doodle on them. With so many different ways to interact, the whole family can join in.

Grab the iOS app from the App Store now, though a little jankyness may still be present. For more, hit up the source link below.

Source: Google

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Photowall for Chromecast puts your memories on the big screen


It didn't work at all yesterday, but its working now.

Although, having used it, I'm not entirely sure I see the point- it turns your images into a semi-random mosaic, with the resolution on each really small.

The commentator on the UK app store who complains that it "links to a web address", doesn't get what it does- the idea is that it should aggregate images from a number of different users- (say at a special event, or party.)

A mode that slideshows the images you send would be an improvement.