Google Play Music gets an iOS 7 flavored update, adds 'I'm feeling lucky' radio

The pre-holiday app updates continue to roll, with Google pushing out another this time for its Google Play Music app for iPhone. It crosses off the list one of our early frustrations with the app, since it now has proper iOS 7 optimization. That's not all either, with the addition of some new music features like the 'I'm feeling lucky' radio option.

We also get genre specific radio stations this time out, the ability to search by genre, and auto-playlists are now added to the playlist view. Next up, perhaps we can have an iPad version? Please, Google?

Grab it now from the App Store at the link below. Have you been using Google Play Music on your iPhone? How have you been finding it?

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Google Play Music gets an iOS 7 flavored update, adds 'I'm feeling lucky' radio


Is anyone else unable to create/edit/delete playlists in this app? I can add a song to a playlist and create one that way, but I can't edit or delete any playlists or create a new one in the playlists section.

It's kind of bad that it doesn't have support for local music. I won't be streaming songs always. I won't put by Card for "payments" there. Oh well... Other apps it is!

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I'm having a hard time downloading songs. Unlike Spotify, Google Play takes forever to download even a few songs.

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does anyone have issues with google play displaying incorrect album art? Or listing the wrong albums to the wrong artists?

I have the google app and the 3rd party app G Music. For the official app when I pick, for example Michael Jackson and it shows Bobby Brown album art. I pick pick artist Michael Jackson and it shows other artist albums. Some artist simply have the wrong artist main picture (not the cover art the actual picture in lists). Now what's weird is when i use the 3rd party app i pick Michael Jackson and it shows correct album art and it shows only michael jackson albums. all in all i find the main app really disorganized and problematic. It will play the song if you search for it and every thing but if your navigating for something it's behaves strangely.

I use it everyday and love it, the only downside being I cant delete playlist from the application. Would be perfect if I could just do the simplest of editing to my playlist -__-