Google releases Helpouts app for iOS


Google Helpouts is a service that uses Hangouts to get users with questions in touch with experts. Categories include Computers & Electronics, Education & Careers, Fashion, Fitness and Music, among others. You use your Google account to sign in, and the interface is plain but intuitive.

Most Helpouts are free, but the experts can set a fee for their services. Once finished, you're able to rate your experience so that others can get an idea of the service they should expect.

It's an interesting concept, but so far has seen limited success. Maybe opening up the process to iOS users will make a difference here.


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BongBongOnTwitter says:

Looked it over and decided it was a stealth advertising delivery app.

Illustrator Joe says:

Well if you made that conclusion by just "looking over it" then it must not be that stealthy.


iDisturbia says:

Oh, refresh my memory please, will you? What does google stand for again?!!

Illustrator Joe says:

That's the point. He is acting like they are trying to hide the fact they are charging for this service. The dollar amounts are clearly marked.


iDisturbia says:

My bad then. I misunderstood your reply.

See ... I am like soooo newbie to google stuff 'cause I don't install / use anything that has their name on it! ;)

Illustrator Joe says:

Well it is difficult to be accurately critical of a product or service if you never use it.

Nicholas Kathrein says:

iDisturbia says: "Oh, refresh my memory please, will you? What does google stand for again?!!"

Innovation. ( Google car, Robots, AI, Drones for internet access across the world, services like Gmail and Google now, Google fiber, Android, and other stuff I don't know about.)

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philips9179 says:

Agreed. Really interesting. Good casual opportunity for people to make money on thier skill set, and google and apple will take a slice with it being on the App Store and all. Be interesting to see what else google gets to gleen out of this. I hope people don't think it's a replacement for formal education because can't do certain things

Polyphonie says:

Well, the logo looks like someone waving goodbye.

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Illustrator Joe says:

How do you know they aren't waving "hello" :P