Google releases official Analytics app for iPhone and iPad

Google Analytics

Checking to see how well your web properties are performing is an absolute breeze when utilizing one of many solutions available today. Google Analytics is a popular, free analytics suite for websites and the search giant has just released an official app for the iPhone and iPad. Downloading and installing this client will enable webmasters to log into their Google accounts and really dig deep at exactly how visitors are interacting with services and pages available.

It's a neat looking app and one we're sure website owners will thoroughly enjoy using. There's always the need to quickly check-in to make sure everything is running as it should, and when there's no laptop in sight, a client such as this on the smartphone is the next best thing. Give it a download, browse through the pretty graphs and let us know how you get on.

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Rich Edmonds

News Editor

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Google releases official Analytics app for iPhone and iPad


Finally! I have tried all the third party apps and they did not fit the bill. Glad to see this released. Thanks for the heads up!

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An iPhone app can't really be described as an iPad app, can it?
I searched and the only thing available is the iPhone app which looks terrible on an iPad.