Google Search goes iOS 7, gets better integration with Google Maps

Google today updated its Search app for iOS, adding another one to the iOS 7 optimized stable and bringing with it a few full screen browsing experience. The touches are subtle, but it's an iOS 7 app alright, and besides the added razzle dazzle Google is also promising "smarter integration with Google Maps."

What exactly that means is open to interpretation, but loading up a map inside the Search app feels a little faster than before, and the button overlays now get a very iOS 7 like translucent look to them.

iPad Google Search users aren't left out either, with this latest update providing them with a "fast, fluid image search" feature. The update is live now, and can be snagged from the App Store at the link below.

Richard Devine

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asuperstarr says:

This is great! Glad to see this app is sporting a iOS 7 design. Can't wait to check out!

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tino72 says:

Updated on my iPad mini and it just crashed trying to look up how to on a turkey. Hmm

Vanti says:

Truth be told I use the google
Maps app a lot and don't recognize a major difference. It does seem to load a bit snappier but I haven't used the search function in a while since the updates google maps app. All and all it is good to see that google is staying on top of the game with frequent updates.
Now if I Bank of America could make some progress I would have something to write about.

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Andrew Savy says:

Works a treat fantastic about time

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Becjr says:

This is really nice... Too bad I cannot said this is the default resource for all things [search] Google on my phone. I want Siri to utilize this instead of Safari when I tell her "Google..."

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ericesque says:

As nice as this app is, it eats my battery all day every day in return for occasional utility. Between that and the lack of true system integration I can't justify keeping it installed.