Google Search for iOS adds notifications, reminders, and more!

Google Search for iOS adds notifications, reminders, and more!

Google has released an update to its Google Search application, bringing a number of enhancements to Google Now on the iPhone, including notifications and reminders. Google Search will notify you when it thinks you should leave for an appointment, or if your flight is running late. It will even tell you how to get home using public transportation if you need to.

You can now set reminders for yourself using the app. Just say something like "Remind me to pick up the milk" to create a reminder. A card will pop that will allow you to set the details of the reminder, or you could set them with your voice as well. Google can remind you based on both either time or location. You can also be reminded about certain events, like a new album from a favoite artist, or the next episode of a TV show.

There are several new cards for Google Now in this update. Tickets for movies, concerts, and events will now appear. Boarding passes for flight are also available, and can be drawn from your Gmail, along with reservation confirmations for car rentals. If you regularly use a train, you can be warned about when your last train home is about to depart. You can also see a list of upcoming local events.

This update also adds handsfree voice capabilites to the app. Simply say "OK Google Now", followed by what you want to do or search for. So say something like "OK Google Now, remind me to get gas for the lawn mower" to set a reminder, for instance. Voice search requires an iPhone 4s or later. Users with other Google apps on their device will be able to use one touch sign in to log in to Google Search.

The update can be downloaded on the App Store right now.

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Reader comments

Google Search for iOS adds notifications, reminders, and more!


Terrible Design!

You have to have the language setting in your iOS set to "English" for notifications or just the whole OK Google option to work! I have mine set to "British English" and it doesn't work! I have to change my phones language setting to just "English" for any of it to work. I'm not actually sure what the difference is between all the variants from a technical perspective but just incase, I'd rather have Siri understand my British accent correctly.

You only need to say "OK Google" and you have to have your language set to "English" in settings on the actual device. Not the app.

Big and deep update from google, it looks to me as an attempt to replace some functionalities already found in Siri and in the iOS environment. Well, more options is always better.

I've been playing around with the update for an hour or so and I was able to get the push notifications for "Reminders" BUT I haven't had any luck with getting push notifications for anything else like "Next Appointment," or more specifically a push notification telling me to "leave 10 minutes early due to heavy traffic to make this appointment" - like the ones Android users receive. I created test appointments on my Google Calendar (complete with address) but did not get any push notifications telling me to leave within such- and -such time. Has anyone else gotten this to work yet?

When you add a next appointment, you MUST add the address of the location and the time the appointment occurs (otherwise, how would it know when to notify you to leave?).

Don't quote me on this but I don't think so. I have an iPhone and a Galaxy Note 2 and have never gotten a push notification for public transit on either one. I do get the Cards for Public Transit but no push notification. And I don't even know how that would work because Google Now wouldn't know what exact train or bus and exact time that every person likes to take each day.

I have tried repeatedly to get the "okay Google" voice search to work to no avail. Any ideas of what I could be doing wrong? The only way I can use voice to search is to physically tap the microphone button. Also, I have all language settings set to English, and I have all search functions within the app set to "on".

i have read a few threads on other sites saying "OK google" is restricted to residents of the USA regardless of which language you set ..

i really wanted to try the handsfree voice by simply saying "OK Google" .. but it seems us Brits will have to wait a little longer ..

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Apologies ... It DOES work in the UK

settings > general > international > language > English

Then back into google search app and: settings > voice search > ok google hot word ON

Sent from the iMore App

I'm in the US and the "Okay Google" voice activation has been a little buggy. This morning, it wouldn't work and I had to turn it off, then switch it back on, close the app and the reopen it, etc. to get it to work.

So I'm not surprised if people are having issues using voice control.

So happy. Always thought Google Now was better than siri. Glad I can finally use some of those features on my iphone

Google Search also 'Ads' notification such as ....

Looking for Vitamin C ... buy Viagra instead ... no prescription is required ... doctor's online waiting to chat! Also, don't forget to register for Google+ ... Zombies' Heaven!