Google Search for iOS gets conversational and adds more personalized results

Google Search

Google Search has picked up a rather substantial update today for iPhone and iPad owners. The app just hit version 4.0 and introduces a handful of new changes and improvements.

The last update we covered for Google Search on iOS was back in December when the app was updated for iOS 7. Today's update for Google Search allows you to use your voice in a more natural manner. You also get updates on topics you care about, useful for those embedded in Google's ecosystem.

Google Search now allows for smarter conversations. For example, just tap the microphone (or say "Ok, Google") and ask questions like "What's the weather like?". You also get cool new Google Now features like notifications for favorite topics, upcoming trips and other things.

Play around with version 4.0 of Google Search and let us know what you think!

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Reader comments

Google Search for iOS gets conversational and adds more personalized results


I really really like this too. I bounce back daily between my iphone and my moto x and this is pretty great....however....we already have to push the button to start siri so the hands free aspect of google now is pretty much wasted except u dont have to type your query. If siri was handsfree it would be a game changer. U can push the home button and get siri to open up google search I guess that's as good as it gets right now.

I would like to use the home button to open Goigle Now rather than Siri. JailBroke iPhones can download an app for that change but I've updated and no longer jail broke. Would be great to have choice to use Siri or Google Now.

Google Now is a killer app if you know that it's there and how to use it. On Android it's a killer app since it's always there in the background but unless you jail brake your iOS device it's crippled by needing to be activated/ran. Just think if you could have it running as a service and a swipe to the right brought you to Google Now. That is how it is on Android when your using the Google launcher. It's very cool and adding usable features on a continuous basis.

Here is a walk through but it's 1 year old and has way more features now.